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    edited by J. John Mann, Patrick J. McGrath, Steven P. Roose.
    Models of depression / Steven P. Roose, Patrick J. McGrath and J. John Mann -- The diagnosis of mood disorders / Michael B. First and Jean Endicott -- Dysthymia and chronic depression / David J. Hellerstein and Jordan W. Eipper -- Management of adult major depressive disorder / J. John Mann, Steven P. Roose and Patrick J. McGrath -- Atypical depression Jonathan W. Stewart -- Psychotic depression / Barnett S. Meyers and Jimmy N. Avari -- Pharmacologic and somatic treatments for bipolar depression / Lucas Giner, S. Aiden Kelly and Maria A. Oquendo -- Medication treatment of mania: acute and preventive / David A. Kahn -- Treatment of mood disorders in later life / Steven P. Roose and Devangere P. Devanand -- Chronic depression / James H. Kocsis and Benjamin D. Brody -- Pediatric depression / David A. Brent -- Therapeutics of pediatric bipolar disorder / Robert A. Kowatch, Melissa P. DelBello and Barbara L. Gracious -- Depression in the context of physical illness / Emily Gastelum, Philip R. Muskin, and Peter Shapiro -- Mood disorders in the context of borderline personality disorder / Eric A. Fertuck, Megan S. Chesin, and Barbara H. Stanley -- Depression in the context of pregnancy / Margaret G. Spinelli and Carolyn Broudy -- Depression and the menstrual cycle / Benicio N. Frey, Luciano Minuzzi, Roberto Sassi, and Meir Steiner -- Depression in the context of alcoholism and other substance use disorders / Edward V. Nunes, Jr and Frances R. Levin -- Complementary and alternative treatments for mood disorders / Drew Ramsey, M. Elizabeth Sublette, and Philip R. Muskin -- Cognitive behavior therapy / Michael E. Thase -- Interpersonal therapy / Myrna M. Weissman, Annie E. Rabinovitch, and Helena Verdeli -- Dialectical behavioral therapy for mood disorders / Megan S. Chesin and Barbara H. Stanley -- The psychodynamic treatment of mood disorders / Deborah L. Cabaniss, Diana E. Moga, and Aerin M. Hyun -- Combining medication and psychotherapy in the treatment of depression / Bret R. Rutherford and Steven P. Roose -- Electroconvulsive therapy / Joshua Berman and Joan Prudic -- Transcranial magnetic stimulation and deep brain stimulation / Sarah H. Lisanby and Moacyr A. Rosa -- Chronotherapeutics : light therapy, wake therapy, and melatonin / Michael Terman and Jiuan Su Terman -- Ketamine in treatment-resistant depression / Kyle A.B. Lapidus and Sanjay J. Mathew -- Brain imaging / Martin J. Lan and Ramin V. Parsey -- Pharmacogenetics and mood disorders / Gonzalo Laje and Francis J. McMahon -- Electrophysiological predictors of clinical response to antidepressants / Gerard E. Bruder, Craig E. Tenke, and Jürgen Kayser -- Prospects for the future of mood disorder therapeutics / Patrick J. McGrath, Steven P. Roose and J. John Mann.
    Digital Access  Cambridge 2013