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    [edited by] Douglas T. Carrell.
    1. The reproductive fitness of the human male gamete / Douglas T. Carrell -- 2. The sperm genome: effect of aneuploidies, structural variations, single nucleotide changes and DNA damage on embryogenesis and development / Kenneth I. Aston and Donald F. Conrad -- 3. The sperm epigenome: a role in embryogenesis and fetal health? / Douglas T. Carrell and Jessie Dorais -- 4. Imprinted gene anomalies in sperm / C. Joana Marques and Mário Sousa -- 5. Has the renewed interest in sperm RNA led to fresh insights? A critical review and hypothesis / David Miller and David Iles -- 6. The role of the sperm centrosome in reproductive fitness / Heide Schatten and Qing-Yuan Sun -- 7. The male biological clock / Harry Fisch -- 8. The role of aging on fecundity in the male / Csilla Krausz and Chiara Chianese -- 9. Aging, DNA damage, and reproductive outcome / Aleksander Giwercman and Jens Peter Bonde -- 10. Paternal aging and increased risk of congenital disease, psychiatric disorders, and cancer / Simon L. Conti and Michael L. Eisenberg -- 11. Sexual function in the aging male / John R. Gannon, Jeremy B. Myers and William O. Brant -- 12. Supplements and replacement therapies for the aging male and their effects on reproductive fitness / Armand Zini and Naif Al-hathal -- 13. Environment and lifestyle effects on fertility / Marc A. Beal and Christopher M. Somers; 14. Obesity and male infertility: is there an effect on embryogenesis? Oumar Kuzbari and Ahmad O. Hammoud; Part III. Clinical Laboratory Concepts and Considerations: 15. ICSI: does the sperm matter? Gianpiero D. Palermo, Queenie V. Neri and Zev Rosenwaks -- 16. Sperm selection and ART outcome: a means to overcome the effects of aging and abnormal spermatogenesis? / Denny Sakkas -- 17. Variability of human semen quality: caution in interpreting semen analysis data / Kenneth I. Aston -- 18. Semen characteristics and aging: technical considerations regarding variability / Lars Björndahl.
    Digital Access  Cambridge 2013