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  • Book
    edited by Philip D. Harvey, PhD.
    Digital : Cambridge2013
    Cognition in schizophrenia as a central illness feature / R. Walter Heinrichs [and others] -- The multi-faceted, "global" cognitive impairment profile in schizophrenia / Dwight Dickinson, Jonathan Schaefer, and Daniel R. Weinberger -- Comparative impairments across schizophrenia and bipolar disorder / Christopher R. Bowie, Katherine Holshausen, and Maya Gupta -- Cognitive impairment and symptom dimensions in psychosis / Manuela Russo, Robin Murray, and Abraham Reichenberg -- Neurocognition and functional outcome in schizophrenia : filling in the gaps / Michael F. Green [and others] -- Cognition and work functioning in schizophrenia / Susan McGurk and Kim Mueser -- Cognition and functional status in adult and older patients with schizophrenia / Sara J. Czaja and David Loewenstein -- Social cognition and its relationship to neurocognition / Amy E. Pinkham -- Cognitive functioning and awareness of illness in schizophrenia : a review and meta-analysis / Akshay Nair, Andre Aleman, and Anthony S. David -- Genetic influences on cognition in schizophrenia / Katherine E. Burdick, Benjamin Glicksberg, and Gary Donohoe -- Neurobiological determinants of cognition / Daniel C. Javitt -- Translational cognitive neuroscience of schizophrenia : bridging neurocognitive and computational approaches towards understanding cognitive deficits / Alan Anticevic, John H. Krystal, and Deanna M. Barch -- Assessment of cognition in schizophrenia treatment studies / Richard Keefe -- Performance-based measures of functioning in schizophrenia / Colin A. Depp [and others] -- Pharmacological approaches to cognitive enahncement / Philip D. Harvey -- Computerized cognitive training in schizophrenia : current knowledge and future directions / Melissa Fisher [and others].