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  • Book
    edited by Hatem A. Azim Jr.
    1.Epidemiology of cancer in pregnancy
    2.Staging workup in pregnant cancer patients
    3.General concepts on surgical management of cancer during pregnancy
    4.Role and consequences of radiotherapy in managing cancer during pregnancy
    5.Pharmacokinetics of systemic anti-cancer therapies during pregnancy
    6.Obstetrical care of a pregnant woman with cancer
    7.Psychological and psychosocial care of a pregnant woman with cancer
    8.Supportive care during pregnancy
    10.Neonatal care and long-term consequences of in-utero exposure to systemic anticancer therapy
    Disease-specific chapters
    11.Managing breast cancer during pregnancy
    12.Managing melanoma during pregnancy
    13.Managing cervical cancer during pregnancy
    14.Managing ovarian tumors during pregnancy
    14.Managing lymphoma during pregnancy
    15.Managing leukemia during pregnancy
    16.Managing thoracic cancers during pregnancy.
    Digital Access Springer 2016