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    Gisela Meier, Johannes Buettner.
    Digital : Thieme-Connect2016
    General principles of ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks -- General overview -- Interscalene techniques of brachial plexus block -- Supraclavicular and infraclavicular techniques of brachial plexus block -- Suprascapular nerve block -- Axillary block -- Selective blocks of individual nerves in the upper arm, at the elbow, and wrist -- General overview -- Psoas block -- Inguinal paravascular lumbar plexus anesthesia (femoral nerve block) -- Proximal sciatic nerve block -- Blocks at the knee -- Peripheral block (conduction block) of individual nerves of the lower limb -- Peripheral nerve blocks at the ankle -- General overview -- Upper limb -- Lower limb -- Abdominal wall -- Special features of peripheral nerve blocks -- Complications and general contraindications of peripheral blocks -- General principles for performing peripheral blocks -- Continuous peripheral nerve blocks.