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    Anthony J. Viera, Rob Kramer, editors.
    Summary: Recognizing that medical faculty face different questions or issues in different stages of their careers, this handy, practical title offers a comprehensive roadmap and range of solutions to common challenges in the complex and changing Academic Medical Center (AMC). With critical insights and strategies for both aspiring and seasoned academicians, this handbook offers a concise guide for personal career development, executive skill acquisition, and leadership principles, providing actionable, targeted advice for faculty seeking help on a myriad of new issues and situations. Pressures in today's Academic Medical Center include significant changes to the healthcare system, competition for research funding, transformation of medical education, and recruitment and retention of the ever-evolving workforce. This dynamic environment calls for razor-sharp leadership and management effectiveness to stay competitive. AMC faculty aspire to formal leadership roles for a variety of reasons: to set a new vision, to create change, or to affect policy and resource decisions. For others, weariness of past leadership styles or mistakes may catalyze wanting a chance to set a different tone. Management and Leadership Skills for Medical Faculty: A Practical Handbook is a must-have resource for faculty in AMCs and anyone with a role in healthcare leadership. .

    Section I Tools of the Trade
    Developing Yourself
    Communicating Effectively
    Giving and Receiving Feedback
    Navigating Conflict
    Managing Your Time
    Developing Resilience
    Section II Management
    Principles of Management
    Running Effective Meetings
    Conducting Faculty Retreats
    Changing the Faces of AMC Leadership: Gender and Ethnicity
    Managing Managers
    Promoting Professionalism and Professional Accountability
    Medical-Legal Challenges
    Section III Leadership
    The Leadership Stance
    Coaching and Mentoring
    Leading Up
    Political Savvy
    Moral Courage
    Leading Change
    Thinking Strategically
    Section IV Advancing Your Career
    Growing in Your Current Role
    Promotion in Academic Medicine
    Executive Physician Development
    Moving Out to Move Up
    Afterword: The Changing Healthcare Landscape.
    Digital Access Springer 2016