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    Sushil K. Khetan.
    Environmental endocrine disruptors -- Part I. Mechanisms of hormonal action and putative endocrine disruptors. Mechanisms of endocrine system function -- Environmental chemicals targeting estrogen signaling pathways -- Anti-androgenic chemicals -- Thyroid-disrupting chemicals -- Activators of PPAR, RXR, AhR, and steriodogenic factor 1 -- Effects of EDC mixtures -- Environmentally induced epigenetic modifications and transgenerational effects -- -- Part II. Removal mechanisms of EDCs through biotic and abiotic processes. Biodegradations and biotransformations of selected examples of EDCs -- Abiotic degradations / transformations of EDCs through oxidation processes -- -- Part III. Screening and testiing for potential EDCs, implications for water quality sustainability, policy and regulatory issues, and green chemistry principles in the design of safe chemicals and remediation of EDCs. Screening and testing programs for EDCs -- Trace contaminants : implications for water quality sustainability -- Policy and regulatory considerations for EDCs -- Green chemistry principles in the designing and screening for safe chemicals and remediation of EDCs.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2014