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    edited by Yiyun Cheng.
    Dendrimer Chemistry: Supramolecular Perspectives and Applications / Charles N Moorefield, Sujith Perera, George R Newkome -- Physicochemical Properties of Dendrimers and Dendrimer Complexes / Toyoko Imae -- The Use of Dendrimers to Optimize the Physicochemical and Therapeutic Properties of Drugs / Nicole Stieger, Wilna Liebenberg, Marique E Aucamp, Melgardt M De Villiers -- Biological Properties of Phosphorus Dendrimers / Anne-Marie Caminade, Jean-Pierre Majoral -- Dendrimer-Based Prodrugs: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation / Mohammad Najlah, Zhengyuan Zhou, Antony D'Emanuele -- Improving the Biocompatibility of Dendrimers in Drug Delivery / Yiwen Li, Libo Zhao, Yiyun Cheng -- Degradable Dendrimers for Drug Delivery / Marc Gingras, Myriam Roy -- Design of Stimuli-Responsive Dendrimers for Biomedical Purposes / Chie Kojima -- Dendrimer-Based Gene Delivery Systems: Administration Routes and Evaluation / M J Santander-Ortega, I F Uchegbu, A G -- Triazine Dendrimers for DNA and siRNA Delivery: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities / Meredith A Mintzer, Olivia M Merkel, Thomas Kissel, Eric E Simanek -- Dendrimer-Coated Carbohydrate Residues as Drug Delivery Trojan Horses in Glycoscience / Yoann M Chabre, Reň Roy -- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques in the Analysis of Pamam Dendrimer-Based Drug Delivery Systems / Xueyan Feng, Kun Yang, Jingjing Hu, Tongwen Xu, Yiyun Cheng -- Dendrimer-Based Medical Nanodevices for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications / Hongdong Cai, Mingwu Shen, Xiangyang Shi -- Dendrimer-Related Nanoparticle System for Computed Tomography Imaging / Chen Peng, Xiangyang Shi -- Index -- Wiley Series in Drug Discovery and Development.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2012