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  • Book
    edited by Defang Ouyang and Sean C. Smith.
    Digital : Wiley2015
    Introduction of computational pharmaceutics / Ouyang -- Crystal energy landscapes for aiding crystal form selection / Sarah Price -- Solubilization of poor-soluble drugs in cyclodextron formulation / Ouyang -- Molecular modeling for polymeric and micellar drug delivery / Sharon M.Loverde -- Solid dispersion : a pragmatic method to improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs / Ouyang -- Computer simulations of lipid membranes and liposomes for drug delivery / Becky Notman -- Molecular modeling for protein aggregation and formulation / Jim Warwicker -- Computational simulation of drug delivery by nano-materials at molecular level / Youyong Li -- Molecular and analytical modeling of nanodiamond for drug delivery applications / Amanda Barnard -- Molecular modeling of LDH drug delivery systems / Vinuthaa Murthy -- Molecular dynamics simulation as a tool to study the efficacy of PEGylation / Alex Bunker -- Synchrotron radiation micro computed tomography : a new approach for quantitative 3D structural architecture of drug delivery systems / Jiwen Zhang -- Pharmacokinetic modelling and simulation in drug delivery / Raj.