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  • Book
    edited by Eric Emerson, Chris Hatton, Kate Dickson, Rupa Gone, Amanda Caine, Jo Bromley.
    Digital : Wiley2012
    Intellectual disabilities, classification, epidemiology and causes / Chris Hatton -- Service provision / Rupa Gone, Chris Hatton, and Amanda Caine -- Social context / Eric Emerson and Rupa Gone -- Cognitive assessment / Isobel Lamb -- Common legal issues in clinical practice / A.J. Holland -- Interviewing people with intellectual disabilities / Helen Prosser and Jo Bromley -- Working with people : direct interventions / Nigel Beail and Andrew Jahoda -- Working with families / Jo Bromley and Christine Mellor -- Working with organisations or : why won't they follow my advice? / Judith McBrien and Sue Candy -- Reflections on 25 years working in the NHS / Ian Fleming -- Working with people whose behaviour challenges services / Alick Bush -- Working with offenders or alleged offenders with intellectual disabilities / Glynis H. Murphy & Isabel C.H. Clare -- Sexual exploitation of people with intellectual disabilities / Paul Withers and Jennifer Morris -- Working with parents who happen to have intellectual disabilities / Sue McGaw -- People with intellectual disabilities and mental ill-health / D. Dagnan and W.R. Lindsay -- Working with people with autism / Jo Bromley [and others] -- Older adults with intellectual disabilities : issues in ageing and dementia / Sunny Kalsy-Lillico, Dawn Adams, and Chris Oliver.