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  • Book
    edited by Dr. Ravin Narain.
    Digital : Wiley2014
    General methods of bioconjugation -- Covalent and noncovalent bioconjugation strategies -- Polymer bioconjugates -- Bioconjugates based on poly(ethylene glycol)s and polyglycerols -- Synthetic polymer bioconjugate systems -- Natural polymer bioconjugate systems -- Dendrimer bioconjugates: synthesis and applications -- Organic nanoparticles based bioconjugates -- Bioconjugation strategies: lipids, liposomes, polymersomes, and microbubbles -- Organic nanoparticle bioconjugate: micelles, cross-linked micelles, and nanogels -- Carbon nanotubes and fullerene C60 bioconjugates -- Inorganic nanomaterials bioconjugates (metals, metal oxides--quantum dots, iron-oxide) -- Gold nanomaterials bioconjugates -- Methods for magnetic nanoparticle synthesis and functionalization -- Quantum dots bioconjugates -- Silica nanoparticle bioconjugates -- Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS) bioconjugates -- Cell-based, hydrogels/microgels and glyco-bioconjugates -- Cell-based bioconjugates -- Bioresponsive hydrogels and microgels -- Conjugation strategies used for the preparation of carbohydrate-conjugate vaccines -- Characterization, physico-(bio)chemical properties, and applications of bioconjugates -- Properties and characterization of bioconjugates -- Physico-chemical and biochemical properties of bioconjugates -- Applications of bioconjugates.