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    editor, Vinagolu K. Rajasekhar.
    Oxytocin and vasopressin systems: oxytocin, vasopressin, and their interplay with gonadal steroids: essentials of cancer stem cells and conceptual modeling
    Theoretical and experimental foundations of the "cancer stem cell" model
    The hallmarks of prostate cancer stem cells
    Self-renewal, induced proliferation, and autonomous cell growth represent distinct modes of cell multiplication: relevance to the cancer stem cell theory
    Human embryonic stem cells and cancer: modeling disease in a dish
    Cancer stem cell as a result of a reprogramming-like mechanism: implications in tumor development and treatment
    A cancer stem cell model: an insight into the conversion of induced pluripotent stem cells to cancer stem-like cells
    Altruistic stem cells and cancer stem cells
    The emerging concept of EMT-induced cancer stem cells
    Models to study chronic myeloid leukemia cancer stem cells
    Cancer stem cells in melanoma: biomarkers and mathematical models
    Stem cells in liquid tumors
    Acute myeloid leukemia stem cells: updates and controversies
    Leukemia-initiating cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    Stem cells in solid tumors
    Lung cancer stem cells and resistance to radiotherapy
    Prostate cancer cell heterogeneity and prostate cancer stem cells
    Glioblastoma stem cells drive tumor recurrence and patient relapse: what's the evidence?
    Stem cells and pancreatic cancer
    Melanoma subpopulations with cancer stem cell phenotypes
    Sarcoma stem cells
    Cancer stem cells in tumor metastasis perspective
    Cancer stem cells in metastasis and minimal residual disease
    Role of cancer stem cells in metastasis
    Cancer stem cells and the stromal microenvironment
    A perspective on breast cancer malignant progression: from cancer stem cell intra tumor heterogeneity to metastasis-initiating cells
    Novel and potential targets in cancer stem cells
    Targeting cancer stem cells: modulating embryonic stem cell signaling, epigenetics, and tumor metabolism
    Oct4, Oct1, and cancer stem cells
    The role of Cripto-1 in cancer and cancer stem cells
    Leptin signaling in the regulation of stem and cancer stem cells
    Tumor-initiating stem-like cells: carcinogenesis through toll-like receptors, environmental factors, and virus
    The role of epithelial cell polarity pathways on cancer stem cells
    Cancer-initiating cells, exosomes, and the premetastatic niche
    Microrna therapeutics to target brain tumor stem cells
    The riboproteome orchestrates self-renewal and cell fate in leukemia
    Clinical relevance of cancer stem cells in patients
    Targeting different states of breast cancer stem cells
    Difficulties in targeting the beating heart: therapeutic implications of the cancer stem cell hypothesis in melanoma
    Targeting cancer stem cells for overcoming drug resistance and cancer progression
    The role of cancer stem cells in tumor radioresistance.
    Digital Access Wiley 2014