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    editor, Vinagolu K. Rajasekhar.
    Oxytocin and vasopressin systems: oxytocin, vasopressin, and their interplay with gonadal steroids: essentials of cancer stem cells and conceptual modeling -- Theoretical and experimental foundations of the "cancer stem cell" model -- The hallmarks of prostate cancer stem cells -- Self-renewal, induced proliferation, and autonomous cell growth represent distinct modes of cell multiplication: relevance to the cancer stem cell theory -- Human embryonic stem cells and cancer: modeling disease in a dish -- Cancer stem cell as a result of a reprogramming-like mechanism: implications in tumor development and treatment -- A cancer stem cell model: an insight into the conversion of induced pluripotent stem cells to cancer stem-like cells -- Altruistic stem cells and cancer stem cells -- The emerging concept of EMT-induced cancer stem cells -- Models to study chronic myeloid leukemia cancer stem cells -- Cancer stem cells in melanoma: biomarkers and mathematical models -- Stem cells in liquid tumors -- Acute myeloid leukemia stem cells: updates and controversies -- Leukemia-initiating cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia -- Stem cells in solid tumors -- Lung cancer stem cells and resistance to radiotherapy -- Prostate cancer cell heterogeneity and prostate cancer stem cells -- Glioblastoma stem cells drive tumor recurrence and patient relapse: what's the evidence? -- Stem cells and pancreatic cancer -- Melanoma subpopulations with cancer stem cell phenotypes -- Sarcoma stem cells -- Cancer stem cells in tumor metastasis perspective -- Cancer stem cells in metastasis and minimal residual disease -- Role of cancer stem cells in metastasis -- Cancer stem cells and the stromal microenvironment -- A perspective on breast cancer malignant progression: from cancer stem cell intra tumor heterogeneity to metastasis-initiating cells -- Novel and potential targets in cancer stem cells -- Targeting cancer stem cells: modulating embryonic stem cell signaling, epigenetics, and tumor metabolism -- Oct4, Oct1, and cancer stem cells -- The role of Cripto-1 in cancer and cancer stem cells -- Leptin signaling in the regulation of stem and cancer stem cells -- Tumor-initiating stem-like cells: carcinogenesis through toll-like receptors, environmental factors, and virus -- The role of epithelial cell polarity pathways on cancer stem cells -- Cancer-initiating cells, exosomes, and the premetastatic niche -- Microrna therapeutics to target brain tumor stem cells -- The riboproteome orchestrates self-renewal and cell fate in leukemia -- Clinical relevance of cancer stem cells in patients -- Targeting different states of breast cancer stem cells -- Difficulties in targeting the beating heart: therapeutic implications of the cancer stem cell hypothesis in melanoma -- Targeting cancer stem cells for overcoming drug resistance and cancer progression -- The role of cancer stem cells in tumor radioresistance.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2014