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    edited by Dr. Yusuke Hiraku, Dr. Shosuke Kawanishi, Dr. Hiroshi Ohshima.
    Infection, inflammation, and cancer: overview / Hiroshi Ohshima, Noriyuki Miyoshi, and Susumu Tomono -- Stem cell theory and inflammation-related cancer / Toshihiko Tanno and William Matsui -- Epithelial-mesenchymal transition: a link between cancer and inflammation / Jonas Fuxe and Mikael C.I. Karlsson -- Role of nitrative DNA damage in inflammation-related carcinogenesis / Yusuke Hiraku and Shosuke Kawanishi -- Lipid peroxidation-derived DNA adducts and the role in inflammation-related carcinogenesis / Helmut Bartsch and Urmila Jagadeesan Nair -- Level of inflammation-related DNA adducts in human tissues / Tomonari Matsuda, Pei-Hsin Chou, and Haruhiko Sugimura -- Toll-like receptors: role in inflammation and cancer / Sarang Tartey and Osamu Takeuchi -- Inflammasomes and inflammation / Kaiwen W. Chen, Ayanthi A. Richards, Alina Zamoshnikova, and Kate Schroder -- Activation-induced cytidine deaminase: an intrinsic genome modulator in inflammation-associated cancer development / Hiroyuki Marusawa and Tsutomu Chiba -- MicroRNA and inflammation-related cancer / Zhaojian Gong, Zhaoyang Zeng, Pranab Behari Mazumder, Jian Ma, Ming Zhou, Xiayu Li, Xiaoling Li, Wei Xiong, Yong Li, and Guiyuan Li -- Inflammation as a niche for tumor progression / Futoshi Okada -- Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer / Kurt J. Sales -- Hepatitis viruses and hepatocellular carcinoma / Wai-Kay Seto, Ching-Lung Lai, and Man-Fung Yuen -- Epstein-Barr virus and nasopharyngeal carcinoma / Xiaoying Zhou, Xue Xiao, Fu Chen, Tingting Huang, and Zhe Zhang -- Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer / Albert Roessner and Angela Poehlmann -- Asbestos-induced chronic inflammation and cancer / Andrea Napolitano, Sandro Jube, Giovanni Gaudino, Harvey I. Pass, Michele Carbone, and Haining Yang -- Nanomaterials / Yiqun Mo, Rong Wan, David J. Tollerud, and Qunwei Zhang -- Inflammatory pathways of radiation-induced tissue injury / Danae A. Laskaratouu, Ifigeneia V. Mavragani, and Alexandros G. Georgakilas -- Photocarcinogenesis and inflammation / Chikako Nishigori -- Chemoprevention of colorectal cancer by anti-inflammatory agents / Michihiro Mutoh, Mami Takahasi, and Keiji Wakabayashi -- Nutraceuticals and colon cancer prevention / Deepak Poudyal and Lorne J. Hofseth -- Cancer chemoprevention by targeting cox-2 using dietary phytochemicals / Kyung-Soo Chun and Young-Joon Surh -- Regulation of inflammation-associated intestinal diseases with phytochemicals / Akira Murakami.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2014