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    edited by Debasis Bagchi, Manashi Bagchi, Hiroyoshi Moriyama, Fereidoon Shahidi.
    Nanotechnology / Hiroshi Muramatsu, Jun'ichi Wakayama, Kazumi Tsukamoto, Shigeru Sugiyama -- Applications of NMR to Biomolecular Systems of Interactions: An Overview / Shinya Hanashima, Yoshiki Yamaguchi -- Applications in Enhancing bioavailability and Controlling Pathogens. Bioavailability and Delivery of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Using Nanotechnology / Hailong Yu, Qingrong Huang -- Encapsulation of Bioactive Compounds in Micron/Submicron-Sized Dispersions Using Microchannel Emulsification or High-Pressure Homogenization / Marcos A Neves, Isao Kobayashi, Henelyta S Ribeiro, Katerina B Fujiu -- Nanometric-Size Delivery Systems for Bioactive Compounds for the Nutraceutical and Food Industries / Francesco Donsi, Mariarenata Sessa, Giovanna Ferrari -- Nanoemulsion Technology for Delivery of Nutraceuticals and Functional-Food Ingredients / Luz Sanguansri, Christine M Oliver, Fernando Leal-Calderon -- Nanotechnology and Nonpolar Active Compounds in Functional Foods: An Application Note / Philip J Bromley -- Safety, Toxicology and Regulatory Aspects. How Standards Inform the Regulation of Bio-nanotechnology / Martha E Marrapese -- FDA and Nanotech: Baby Steps Lead to Regulatory Uncertainty / Raj Bawa -- Toxicity and Environmental Risks of Nanomaterials: An Update / Paresh C Ray, Anant Kumar Singh, Dulal Senapati, Zhen Fan, Hongtao Yu -- Nanoparticle-Lung Interactions and Their Potential Consequences for Human Health / Craig A Poland, Martin J D Clift -- Future Directions in Bio-Nanotechnology Bio-Nanotechnology: A Journey Back to the Future / Debasis Bagchi, Manashi Bagchi, Hiroyoshi Moriyama, Fereidoon Shahidi.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2013