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  • Book
    edited by Murugan Ramalingam, Xiumei Wang, Guoping Chen, Peter Ma, and Fu-Zhai Cui.
    Digital : Wiley2013
    1. Biomimetic polysaccharides and derivatives for cartilage tissue regeneration -- 2. Biomimetic synthesis of self-assembled mineralized collagen-based composites for bone tissue engineering -- 3. Biomimetic mineralization of hydrogel biomaterials for bone tissue engineering -- 4. Biomimetic nanofibrous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applications -- 5. Bioactive polymers and nanobiomaterials composites for bone tissue engineering -- 6. Strategy for a biomimetic paradigm in dental and craniofacial tissue engineering -- 7. Strategies to prevent bacterial adhesion on biomaterials -- 8. Nanostructured selenium- a novel biologically-inspired material for antibacterial medical device applications -- 9. Hydroxyapatite-biodegradable polymer nanocomposite microspheres toward injectable cell scaffold -- 10. Biomimetic ECM scaffolds prepared from cultured cells -- 11. Design and synthesis of phoreactive polymers for biomedical applications -- 12. The emerging applications of graphene oxide and graphene in tissue engineering -- 13. Biomimetic preparation and morphology control of mesoporous silica -- 14. Biomimetic materials for engineering stem cells and tissues.