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  • Book
    by Ethne Barnes.
    Digital : Wiley2012
    pt. I. Axial skeleton. A. Skull. A-1. Cranial vault development. Cranial vault anomalies -- A-2. Face development. Facial anomalies -- A-3. External auditory meatus and tympanic plate development. External auditory meatus and tympanic plate anomalies -- A-4. Stylohyoid chain development. Stylohyoid chain anomalies -- A-5. Skull base development. Skull base anomalies -- Occipital-cervical (O-C) border development -- B. Vertebral column. Vertebral column development -- Vertebral column anomalies -- C. Ribs. Rib development -- Rib anomalies -- D. Sternum. Sternum development -- Sternum anomalies and variations -- pt. II. Appendicular skeleton. E. Upper limbs. Upper limb development. Shoulder girdle segment. E-1. Clavicle development. Clavicle anomalies -- E-2. Scapula development. Scapula anomalies -- Arm segment -- E-3. Humerus development. Humerus anomalies -- Forearm and hand segments -- Paraxial development -- E-4. Radius and ulna development. Radius and ulna anomalies -- E-5. Carpus development. Carpal anomalies -- E-6. Digital development. Digital anomalies -- F. Lower limbs. Lower limb development -- Pelvic girdle segment -- F-1. Innominate development. Innominate anomalies -- Thigh segment -- F-2. Femur development. Femur anomalies -- F-3. Patella development. Patella anomalies -- Lower leg and foot segments -- Paraxial development -- F-4. Tibia and fibula development. Tibia and fibula anomalies -- F-5. Tarsus development. Tarsal anomalies -- F-6. Digital development. Digital anomalies.