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    edited by Robert A. Goodnow, Jr.
    Just enough knowledge?
    A brief history of the development of combinatorial chemistry and the emerging need for DNA-encoded chemistry
    A history of DNA-encoding
    DNA-compatible chemistry
    Foundations of a DNA-encoded library (DEL)
    Practices for synthesizing DNA-encoded libraries
    Chemical gene design for DNA-encoded libraries
    Analytical challenges for DNA-encoded library systems
    Information technology: functionality and architectures for DNA-encoding
    Theoretical considerations of the application of DNA-encoded libraries to drug discovery
    Begin with the end in mind : the hit-to-lead process
    Enumeration and visualization of large combinatorial chemical libraries
    Screening large compound collections
    Reported applications of DNA-encoded library chemistry
    Dual-pharmacophore DNA-encoded chemical libraries
    Hit identification and hit follow-up
    Using DNA to program chemical synthesis, discover new reactions, and detect ligand binding
    An outlook and the changing feasibility and economics of chemical diversity exploration with DNA-encoded combinatorial approaches
    Keeping the promise? an outlook on dna chemical library technology.
    Digital Access Wiley 2014