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    volume editors, Christoph Stettler, Emanuel Christ, Peter Diem.
    Treatment goals in diabetes / Melmer, A., Laimer, M. -- The 'old' anti-diabetic agents : a systematic inventory / Buhse, S., Mühlhauser, I., Lenz, M. -- Novel therapeutic approaches in diabetes / Gallwitz, B. -- Diabetes technology / Pfützner, A. -- Novelties in diabetic retinopathy / Ebneter, A., Zinkernagel, M.S. -- Hypertension and diabetic nephropathy / Skov, J.; Christiansen, J.S., Poulsen, P.L. -- The diabetic foot : the never-ending challenge contemporary options of screening, management and prevention of foot pathologies in diabetic patients / Peter-Riesch, B. -- Diabetes and cancer / Holden, S.E. -- Beta-cell replacement : pancreas and islet cell transplantation / Niclauss, N., Meier, R., Bédat, B., Berishvili, E., Berney, T. -- Gestational diabetes mellitus / Spaight, C., Gross, J., Horsch, A., Puder, J.J. -- Genetic defects of the B-cell that cause diabetes / Stekelenburg, C.M., Schwitzgebel, V.M. -- Genetics of type 2 diabetes / Stanekov, A., Laakso, M.
    Digital Access  Karger 2016