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    Nick A. Aresti, Matthew Barry, Mark (J.M.H.) Paterson, Manoj Ramachandran, editors.
    Vulnerable Bodies and Embodied Boundaries
    Rural Women?s Bodies and Invisible Hands: Neoliberalism and Population Control in China
    Arrogant Perceptors, World-Travellers, and World-Backpackers: Rethinking María Lugones? Theoretical Framework through Lukas Moodysson?s Mammoth
    Embodied Vulnerability in Large Scale Technical Systems
    Vulnerable Dam Bodies, Water Bodies and Human Bodies
    Toxic Skin and Animal Mops: Ticks and Humanimal Vulnerabilities
    Mothering With Neuroscience in a Neoliberal Age: Child Disorders and Embodied Brains
    Sexual Arousal, Danger and Vulnerability
    The Author?s Body: Almodóvar, auteur, and the Film Object
    Performativity and Expression: The Case of David Cronenberg?s M. Butterfly.
    Digital Access Springer 2015