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    edited by David Wild ; associate editors, Rhys John [and others].
    How to use this book / David Wild
    Immunoassay for beginners / David Wild
    Immunoassay performance measures / Chris Davies
    Principles of competitive and immunometric assays (including ELISA) / Chris Davies
    Non-competitive immunoassays for small molecules : the anti-complex and selective antibody systems / Colin H. Self ... [et al.]
    Homogeneous immunoassays / Edwin F. Ullman
    Lateral flow immunoassay systems : evolution from the current state of the art to the next generation of highly sensitive, quantitative rapid assays / Brendan O'Farrell
    Ambient analyte assay / Roger Ekins
    Free analyte immunoassay / Nic D. Christofides
    Qualitative immunoassay : features and design / Jianwen He, Simon Parker
    Detection of antibodies relevant to infectious disease / Steven Binder, Jennifer A. Isler
    Microsphere-based multiplex immunoassays : development and applications using Luminex® Xmap® technology / Sherry A. Dunbar, Michaela R. Hoffmeyer
    Lab-on-a-chip, micro- and nanoscale immunoassay systems, and microarrays / Simon Rattle ... [et al.]
    Immunological biosensors / Jason Reed, James K. Gimzewski
    Surface plasmon resonance in binding site, kinetic, and concentration analyses / Robert Karlsson
    Measurement of single protein molecules using digital ELISA / David M. Rissin, David H. Wilson, David C. Duffy
    Antibodies / Eryl Liddell
    Signal generation and detection system (excluding homogeneous assays) / Ian Weeks, Larry J. Kricka, David Wild
    Separation systems / David Wild, Wlad Kusnezow
    Conjugation methods / Alastair H. Dent
    Standardization and calibration / David Wild, Chris Sheehan
    Calibration curve fitting / John Dunn, David Wild
    The foundations of immunochemistry / Robert F. Ritchie
    Immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry / Simon Renshaw
    Practical guide to ELISA development / Jianwen He
    Method evaluation : a practical guide / Chris Sheehan, Jianwen He, Mari Smith
    Interferences in immunoassay / Jason Y. Park, Larry J. Kricka
    Immunoassay development in the in vitro diagnostic industry / Doug Brandt, Steve Figard
    Sample collection, including participant preparation and sample handling / Colin Wilde ... [et al.]
    Quality assurance / Catharine M. Sturgeon
    Point-of-care testing / James H. Nichols
    Choosing an automated immunoassay system / Lori J. Sokoll
    Immunoassay troubleshooting guide / David Wild, Jianwen He
    Introduction to immunoassay product technology in clinical diagnostic testing / David Wild, Chris Sheehan, Steve Binder
    Market trends / David Huckle
    Lateral flow and consumer diagnostics / Sarah Tiplady
    Consumer diagnostics : Clearblue pregnancy and fertility testing / Sarah Tiplady
    The Triage® system / Thomas I. Koshy, Kenneth F. Buechler
    Stratus® CS Acute Care[TM] STAT fluorometric analyzer / Amy Sarli, W.N. McLellan
    IMX® / Kent Ford
    AXSYM® / Theresa Donahoe
    Abbott Architect® family of analyzers / Frank A. Quinn, David A. Armbruster
    Advia Centaur® XP / Jean Metzar
    Immulite® and Immulite 1000 / Arthur L. Babson
    VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System, VITROS® 3600 Immunodiagnostic System, and VITROS® 5600 Integrated System / John W. Backus, David Wild
    VITROS® Immuno-Rate and Microtip[TM] assays / John W. Backus, Susan J. Danielson, David A. Hilborn
    Access 2 / Katherine M. Leith
    DXI 600 and DXI 800 / Katherine M. Leith
    Elecsys® immunoassay systems / Mary Beth Myers
    PRISM[TM] / Dinesh Shah, Jim Stewart
    Phadia Laboratory Systems / Angela Gore, Gareth Evans, Mats Rilvën
    Immunoassay applications in veterinary diagnostics / Thomas P. O'Connor, Jr. ... [et al.]
    Ligand binding assays in drug development / Jeffrey M. Sailstad ... [et al.]
    Clinical concepts / Chris Davies
    Thyroid / Rhys John ... [et al.]
    The adrenal cortex / Les Perry, Sami Medbak
    Bone and calcium metabolism / William D. Fraser, Kay W. Colston, John C. Stevenson
    Infertility / Michael J. Wheeler
    In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) / Richard Fleming, Sherry Faye
    Hirsutism and virilization in the female / Michael J. Wheeler
    Pregnancy / Kevin Spencer, Tim Chard
    Growth and growth hormone deficiency / Gill Rumsby ... [et al.]
    Diabetes mellitus / Penny Clark, Tim McDonald
    Hematology / Katy Evans ... [et al.]
    Cardiac markers / Deborah French, Alan H.B. Wu
    Cancer markers / Hoon H. Sunwoo, Mavanur R. Suresh
    Allergy / Marcos Alcocer, Lars Yman
    Autoimmune disease / David F. Keren
    Gastrointestinal tract / Arne Reseth ... [et al.]
    Hepatitis / Ravi Kaul
    HIV-1 and HIV-2 : causative agents of AIDS / Catherine A. Brennan, Sushil G. Devare
    Viral diseases / Carey-Ann D. Burnham, Christopher Doern, Steven R. Binder
    Bacterial diseases / Carey-Ann D. Burnham, Christopher Doern, Steven R. Binder
    Parasites and fungi / STeven R. Binder, Patrice D. Sarfati
    Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) / Philip A. Routledge, Alun D. Hutchings
    Drugs of abuse / Alun D. Hutchings, Brian Widdop.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2013