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    edited by Catherine Stavropoulos-Giokas, Dominique Charron, Cristina Navarrete.
    Section I: Introduction. Introduction to cord blood stem cells / Dominique Charron, Catherine Stavropoulos-Giokas, Cristina Navarrete. Section II: Cord blood cells biology. Cord blood content / Gesine Kögler [and 3 others] -- Cord blood hematopoiesis : the road to transplantation / Anna Rita Migliaccio, Thalia Papayannopoulu -- Immunobiology of cord blood cells / Sergio Querol, Aurore Saudemont, Antoine Toubert -- Cord and cord blood-derived endothelial cells / Suzanne M. Watt [and 8 others] -- HLA and immunogenetics in cord blood transplantation / Dominique Charron, Emeline Masson, Pascale Loiseau. Section III: Cord blood cells for clinical use. Clinical use of umbilical cord blood cells / Robert Danby, Vanderson Rocha -- Immunodeficiencies and metabolic diseases / Paul J. Orchard, Angela R. Smith -- Cord blood cells and autoimmune diseases / LingYun Sun [and 3 others] -- Umbilical cord as a source of immunomodulatory reagents / Antonio Galleu, Francesco Dazzi -- Cord blood cells for clinical use : expansion and manipulation / Amanda L. Olson, Elizabeth J. Shpall -- Cord blood stem cells for clinical use : diabetes and cord blood / Yong Zhao -- Section IV: Regenerative medicine applications. Emerging uses of cord blood in regenerative medicine : neurological applications / Jessica M. Sun, Joanne Kurtzberg -- Biobanks for induced pluripotent stem cells and reprogrammed tissues / Lee Carpenter. Section V: Cord blood banking : a current state of affairs. Cord blood banking : operational and regulatory aspects / Cristina Navarrete -- Cord blood unit selection for unrelated transplantation / Andromachi Scaradavou -- Quality management systems including accreditation standards / Andreas Papassavas [and 6 others] -- Regulation across the globe / Maria Mitrossili [and 3 others] -- International development and import/export : WMDA / Lydia Foeken, Daniela Orsini. Section VI: Cord blood banking : current and future outlooks. Allogeneic and autologous cord blood banks / Paolo Rebulla -- The future of cord blood banks / Catherine Stavropoulos-Giokas [and 3 others]. Section VII: The viewpoint of society. An introductory note to the cord blood banking issues in a European and international environment / Marietta Giannakou -- Ethical and legal issues in cord blood stem cells and biobanking / Maria Mitrossili, Marcos Sarris, Yannis Nikolados -- Industrial economics of cord blood banks / Gregory Katz -- Public health policies in European Union : an innovation strategy : Horizon 2020 / Sotiris Soulis [and 5 others].
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2015