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    Cyril Fisher, Elizabeth A. Montgomery, Khin Thway.
    Digital : Ovid2016
    Biopsy techniques, diagnostic methods, and reporting -- Benign and intermediate fibrosing lesions -- Cellular benign and intermediate lesions of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts -- Cutaneous spindle cell lesions -- Intra-abdominal spindle cell lesions -- Smooth muscle tumors -- Myofibroma, myopericytic tumors, myoepithelioma, and myofibroblastoma -- Tumors of specialized lower genital tract mesenchyme -- Benign nerve sheath tumors -- Spindle cell sarcomas -- Epithelioid tumors of soft tissue -- Soft tissue lesions with clear or granular cells -- Pleomorphic soft tissue tumors -- Small round cell tumors -- Benign adipose tissue lesions -- Liposarcoma -- Superficial vascular lesions and mimics of vascular lesions -- Deep vascular lesions -- Osteochondroid lesions of soft tissue -- Superficial myxoid lesions -- Deep myxoid lesions -- Plexiform soft tissue tumors -- Soft tissue tumors with giant cells.