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    Steven Hayes, PhD.
    In his customary active and engaged style, ACT founder Steven Hayes uses a series of mindfulness techniques to help Tony, a client in recovery from addiction, come into contact with his most deeply-held values and beliefs. Once these values are clearly established, Hayes works experientially with Tony to uncover the link between his values and his emotional pain, creating the groundwork for Tony to create goals imbued with meaning and purpose. We also get to see how the ACT model is applied to working with chronic pain patients in sessions with a teenager and an adult, each of whom struggle with severe daily pain. The "acceptance" aspect of ACT is fundamental in working with these clients, since they cannot connect with their deeper values without squarely facing the reality of their chronic pain conditions. And in an impressive session with a depressed young mother, master ACT therapist Rainer Sonntag quickly and deftly helps her define her values as a parent and set goals for herself. Your clinical work will never be the same after watching these transformative sessions. Don't miss it! Keywords: ACT, acceptance and commitment therapy, act in action series, Steven Hayes, values and action, chronic pain, Rainer Sonntag, Counseling, counselling, Social Work, Social Worker, Therapy, Psychotherapy,, Therapist.--Supplied by publisher.