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    Stephen Feldman, JD, PhD.
    Did you know: Good recordkeeping is what can help you the most if a complaint is brought against you by your licensing board? Ethical rules vary by licensing board and state when it comes to such vital issues as confidentiality and privilege? What makes a boundary crossing a boundary violation, and when that violation becomes unethical and exploitive? The different standards of care as treatment provider and evaluator? Volume II of this series addresses ethics, and the particular concern of being investigated by one's licensing board for an alleged violation. Specifically, these four lively discussions between a psychologist, lawyer and journalist cover such murky matters as: bartering, boundaries, touch, self-disclosure, gifts, multiple-member clients such as couples and families, the initiation of treatment, breaches in confidentiality, ending treatment, electronic records, HIPAA, client debt, client suicide and a clinician's death. Presented by Stephen Feldman, an expert in mental health law, this video lays out simple changes all clinicians can make to protect themselves and their practice. This is an invaluable resource that will dispel doubts and fears, enabling therapists to practice more confidently. Keywords: legal, ethical, law and ethics, mental health, professional, boundaries, ethics, complaint, Dual Relationships, Standards of Care, Termination, dual relationship, Counseling, counselling, Social Work, Social Worker, Therapy, Psychotherapy,, Therapist.--Supplied by publisher.