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    edited by Ralf Kühn, Wolfgang Wurst, Benedikt Wefers.
    Xanthomonas and the TAL effectors: nature's molecular biologist -- TAL effector DNA-binding principles and specificity -- The development of TALE nucleases for biotechnology -- Online tools for TALEN design -- Assembly of customized TAL effectors through advanced ultimate system -- Engineering customized TALENs using the platinum gate TALEN kit -- Design, assembly, and characterization of TALE-based transcriptional activators and repressors -- A new approach to dissect nuclear organization: TALE-mediated genome visualization (TGV) -- TALEN-induced translocations in human cells -- Mutagenesis in newts: Protocol for Iberian ribbed newts -- Targeted mutagenesis in Bombyx mori using TALENs -- Geneknockout by targeted mutagenesis in a hemimetabolous insect, the two-spotted cricket Gryllus bimaculatus, using TALENs -- Methods for talen evaluation, use, and mutation detection in the mosquito Aedes aegypti -- Methods for TALEN-mediated genomic manipulations in drosophila -- Targeted mutagenesis in zebrafish by TALENs -- Mutagenesis in xenopus and zebrafish using TALENs -- Genome editing in mice using TALE nucleases -- Genome editing in rats using tale nucleases -- Designer nuclease-mediated generation of knockout THP1 cells.
    Digital Access  Springer 2015