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    edited by Bernd Lepenies.
    Carbohydrate-based vaccines : an overview / Julia Hütter and Bernd Lepenies -- Glycans as vaccine antigens and adjuvants : immunological considerations / Stephanie Zimmermann and Bernd Lepenies -- Glycan array platform as a tool to identify carbohydrate antigens / Li Xia and Jeffrey C. Gildersleeve -- Antibody-carbohydrate recognition from docked ensembles using the AutoMap procedure / Tamir Dingjan, Mark Agostino, Paul A. Ramsland, and Elizabeth Yuriev -- Generation of monoclonal antibodies against defined oligosaccharide antigens / Felix Broecker, Chakkumkal Anish, and Peter H. Seeberger -- Murine whole-blood opsonophagocytosis assay to evaluate protection by antibodies raised against encapsulated extracellular bacteria / Guillaume Goyette-Desjardins, René Roy, and Mariela Segura -- Determination of N-linked glycosylation in viral glycoproteins by negative ion mass spectrometry and ion mobility / David Bitto, David J. Harvey, Steinar Halldorsson, Katie J. Doores, Laura K. Pritchard, Juha T. Huiskonen, Thomas A. Bowden, and Max Crispin -- N-glycosylation fingerprinting of viral glycoproteins by xCGE-LIF / René Hennig, Erdmann Rapp, Robert Kottler, Samanta Cajic, Matthias Borowiak, and Udo Reichl -- Temporary conversion of protein amino groups to azides : a synthetic strategy for glycoconjugate vaccines / Tomasz Lipinski and David R. Bundle -- Gold nanoparticles as carriers for synthetic glycoconjugate vaccines / Fabrizio Chiodo and Marco Marradi -- Identification and characterization of carbohydrate-based adjuvants / Timo Johannssen and Bernd Lepenies -- Characterization of carbohydrate vaccines by NMR spectroscopy / Francesco Berti and Neil Ravenscroft -- Characterization of capsular polysaccharides and their glycoconjugates by hydrodynamic methods / Stephen E. Harding, Ali Saber Abdelhameed, Richard B. Gillis, Gordon A. Morris, and Gary G. Adams -- Glycoconjugate vaccines : the regulatory framework / Christopher Jones.
    Digital Access  Springer 2015