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    edited by Rémy Bosselut, Melanie S. Vacchio.
    200 million thymocytes and I: A beginner's survival guide to t cell development
    Development of [gamma][delta] T cells, the special-force soldiers of the immune system
    Genetic tools to study T cell development
    Assessment of T cell development by flow cytometry
    Flow cytometry analysis of thymic epithelial cells and their subpopulations
    Identifying the spatial relationships of thymic stromal and thymocyte subsets by immunofluorescence analysis
    Purification of thymocyte and T cell subsets
    Retroviral transduction of T cells and T cell precursors
    Bone marrow and fetal liver radiation chimeras
    In vitro analyses of T cell effector differentiation
    Studying T cell development in thymic slices
    FTOC-based analysis of negative selection
    Reconstituted thymus organ culture
    Induction of T cell development in vitro by delta-like (Dll)-expressing stromal cells
    In vitro analysis of thymocyte signaling
    Molecular analysis of mouse T cell receptor [alpha] and [beta] gene rearrangements
    Intrathymic injection
    Analysis of cell proliferation and homeostasis using EdU labeling
    Characterization and isolation of human T cell progenitors
    Approaches to study human T cell development
    Humanized mice to study human T cell development
    Using the zebrafish model to study T cell development.
    Digital Access Springer 2015