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    edited by Rémy Bosselut, Melanie S. Vacchio.
    200 million thymocytes and I: A beginner's survival guide to t cell development -- Development of [gamma][delta] T cells, the special-force soldiers of the immune system -- Genetic tools to study T cell development -- Assessment of T cell development by flow cytometry -- Flow cytometry analysis of thymic epithelial cells and their subpopulations -- Identifying the spatial relationships of thymic stromal and thymocyte subsets by immunofluorescence analysis -- Purification of thymocyte and T cell subsets -- Retroviral transduction of T cells and T cell precursors -- Bone marrow and fetal liver radiation chimeras -- In vitro analyses of T cell effector differentiation -- Studying T cell development in thymic slices -- FTOC-based analysis of negative selection -- Reconstituted thymus organ culture -- Induction of T cell development in vitro by delta-like (Dll)-expressing stromal cells -- In vitro analysis of thymocyte signaling -- Molecular analysis of mouse T cell receptor [alpha] and [beta] gene rearrangements -- Intrathymic injection -- Analysis of cell proliferation and homeostasis using EdU labeling -- Characterization and isolation of human T cell progenitors -- Approaches to study human T cell development -- Humanized mice to study human T cell development -- Using the zebrafish model to study T cell development.
    Digital Access  Springer 2015