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    edited by Bin Liu.
    Protein engineering and selection using yeast surface display / Alessandro Angelini [and eight others] -- Isolation and validation of Anti-B7-H4 scFvs from an ovarian cancer scFv yeast-display library / Denarda Dangaj and Nathalie Scholler -- Combining phage and yeast cell surface antibody display to identify novel cell type-selective internalizing human monoclonal antibodies / Scott Bidlingmaier, Yang Su, and Bin Liu -- Yeast display-based antibody affinity maturation using detergent-solubilized cell lysates / Benjamin J. Tillotson, Jason M. Lajoie, and Eric V. Shusta -- Yeast endoplasmic reticulum sequestration screening for the engineering of proteases from libraries expressed in yeast / Li Yi [and five others]] -- T cell receptor engineering and analysis using the yeast display platform / Sheena N. Smith, Daniel T. Harris, and David M. Kranz -- Epitope-specific binder design by yeast surface display / Jasdeep K. Mann and Sheldon Park -- Applications of yeast surface display for protein engineering / Gerald M. Cherf and Jennifer R. Cochran -- Identification of novel protein-ligand interactions by exon microarray analysis of yeast surface displayed cDNA library selection outputs / Scott Bidlingmaier and Bin Liu -- Identification of posttranslational modification-dependent protein interactions using yeast surface displayed human proteome libraries / Scott Bidlingmaier and Bin Liu -- Utilizing yeast surface human proteome display libraries to identify small molecule-protein interactions / Scott Bidlingmaier and Bin Liu -- Enzyme evolution by yeast cell surface engineering / Natsuko Miura, Kouichi Kuroda, and Mitsuyoshi Ueda -- Electrochemical glucose biosensor based on glucose oxidase displayed on yeast surface / Hongwei Wang [and three others] -- Coupling binding to catalysis : using yeast cell surface display to select enzymatic activities / Keya Zhang [and three others] -- The use of yeast surface display in biofuel cells / Alon Szczupak and Lital Alfonta.
    Digital Access  Springer 2015