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    edited by Nicole M. Avena.
    Introduction : binge eating, bulimia nervosa, and hedonic overeating / Sarah Shafer Berger and Marian Tanofsky-Kraff -- Binge-prone versus binge-resistant rats and their concomitant behavioral profiles / Mary M. Boggiano -- Binge eating in female rats induced by yo-yo dieting and stress / Carlo Cifani, Maria Vittoria Micioni Di Bonaventura, Roberto Ciccocioppo, and Maurizio Massi -- Binge-type eating induced by limited access to optional foods / Rebecca L.W. Corwin and Francis H.E. Wojnicki -- Assessment of stress-independent binge-like eating behavior in mice / Traci A. Czyzyk, Jesline Alexander-Chacko, Joelle Dill, Dana K. Sindelar, and Michael A. Statnick -- Predicting and classifying rats prone to overeating fat / Irene Morganstern, Jessica R. Barson, and Sarah F. Leibowitz -- Modeling binge eating in nonhuman primates / Richard W. Foltin -- Psychosocial stress and diet history promote emotional feeding in female rhesus monkeys / Vasiliki Michopoulos, Carla Moore, and Mark E. Wilson -- Stressful experiences in early life and subsequent food intake / Jeong Won Jahng -- Sham feeding in rats translates into modified sham feeding in women with bulimia nervosa and purging / Diane A. Klein and Gerard P. Smith -- Animal models of binge eating palatable foods : emergence of addiction-like behaviors and brain changes in the rat / Miriam E. Bocarsly and Nicole M. Avena -- Deep brain stimulation for the treatment of binge eating : mechanisms and preclinical models / Casey H. Halpern, Mark Attiah, and Tracy L. Bale -- Saccharin preference in rats : relation to impulsivity and drug abuse / Marilyn E. Carroll, Nathan A. Holtz, and Natalie E. Zlebnik -- Food seeking in spite of harmful consequences / Rossella Ventura, Emanuele Claudio Latagliata, Enrico Patrono, Matteo Di Segni, and Stefano Puglisi-Allegra -- Introduction : anorexia and undereating / Guido K.W. Frank -- Food restriction and reward in rats / Kenneth D. Carr and Soledad Cabeza de Vaca -- Activity-based anorexia in the rat / Nicole C. Barbarich-Marsteller -- Food-anticipatory activity : rat models and underlying mechanisms / Myrte Merkestein, Linda A.W. Verhagen, and Roger A.H. Adan -- Anorexia and drugs of abuse abnormally suppress appetite, the result of a shared molecular signal foul-up / Laetitia Laurent, Alexandra Jean, Christine Manrique, Mohamed Najimi, Fatiha Chigr, and Valérie Compan -- Anorectic phenotype of the anx/anx mouse is related to hypothalamic dysfunction / Ida A.K. Nilsson, Charlotte Lindfors, Tomas Hökfelt, Martin Schalling, and Jeanette E. Johansen -- Functional magnetic resonance imaging in awake rats : studies relevant to addiction and the reward circuitry / Marcelo Febo.
    Digital Access  Springer 2013