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    edited by Alexei Verkhratsky and Ole H. Petersen.
    Principles of the CA2+ homeostatic/signalling system / A. Verkhratsky and O.H. Petersen -- CA2+ recordings: Hardware and software (from microscopes to cameras) / E.C. Toescu and J. Graham -- CA2+ imaging: Principles of analysis and enhancement / F. Mammano and M. Bortolozzi -- Bioluminescent CA2+ indicators / L. Fedrizzi and M. Brini -- Monitoring calcium levels with genetically encoded indicators / O. Garaschuk and O. Griesbeck -- Intracellular calcium-sensitive microelectrodes / R.C. Thomas -- CA2+ caging and uncaging / S.H. Kim and M.K. Park -- CA2+ imaging of intracellular organelles: Endoplasmic reticulum / R. Blum, O.H. Petersen and A. Verkhratsky -- CA2+ imaging of intracellular organelles: Mitochondria / L. Núñez [and others] -- CA2+ imaging of dendrites and spines / K. Holthoff -- In vivo CA2+ imaging of the living brain using multi-cell bolus loading technique / G. Eichhoff [and others] -- CA2+ imaging of glia / C. Lohr and J.W. Deitmer.
    Digital Access  Springer 2010