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    edited by Andrew L. Snow, Michael J. Lenardo.
    Quantitating lymphocyte programmed cell death in vitro using simple kill assays / Lixin Zheng
    Fluorescence-activated cell sorting-based quantitation of T cell receptor restimulation-induced cell death in activated, primary human T cells / Gil Katz and Andrew L. Snow
    Evaluation of IL-2-withdrawal-induced apoptosis in human T lymphocytes / Joao Bosco Oliveira
    Determination of apoptosis sensitivity in specific T cell subsets from human peripheral blood by utilizing a multiparameter fluorescence-activated cell sorting-based technique / Bernice Lo and Madhu Ramaswamy
    Visualization of fas-mediated death-inducing signaling complex formation by immunoprecipitation / Nelia Cordeiro and Nicolas Bidere
    Analyses of programmed cell death in dendritic cells / Min Chen, Lily Huang, and Jin Wang
    Detection of necrosis by release of lactate dehydrogenase Activity / Francis Ka-Ming Chan, Kenta Moriwaki, and Maria Jose De Rosa
    Assessment of CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses using MHC class I and II tetramers / Sema Kurtulus and David Hildeman
    Homeostatic proliferation of mature T cells / Christopher E. Martin [and others]
    Quantitating lymphocyte homeostasis in vivo in humans using stable isotope tracers / Liset Westera [and others]
    Real-time quantitative (RQ- )PCR approach to quantify the contribution of proliferation to B lymphocyte homeostasis / Menno C. van Zelm [and others]
    Molecular measurement of T cell receptor excision circles / Heather E. Lynch and Gregory D. Sempowski
    Isolation of RNA and the synthesis and amplification of cDNA from antigen-specific T cells for genome-wide expression analysis / R. Anthony Barnitz [and others]
    Designs for massively parallel sequencing approaches to identify causal mutations in human immune disorders / Yu Zhang and Helen C. Su
    Flow cytometric measurement of SLAM-associated protein and x-linked inhibitor of apoptosis / Rebecca A. Marsh, Jack J. Bleesing, and Alexandra H. Filipovich
    In vitro suppression assay for functional assessment of human regulatory T cells / Dat Q. Tran.
    Digital Access Springer 2013