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    edited by Anne H. Delcour.
    Bird's eye view of the bacterial landscape / Natividad Ruiz -- Visualizing the bacterial cell surface : an overview / Harald Engelhardt -- Purification of the outer membrane usher protein and periplasmic chaperone-subunit complexes from the P and type 1 pilus systems / Nadine S. Henderson and David G. Thanassi -- Experimental manipulation of the microbial functional amyloid called curli / Yizhou Zhou [and others] -- Visualization of gram-positive bacterial pili / Chungyu Chang [and others] -- Single cell microfluidic studies of bacterial motility / Adrien Ducret, Olivier Theodoly, and Tam Mignot -- Chromatographic analysis of the Escherichia coli polysialic acid capsule / Susan M. Steenbergen and Eric R. Vimr -- Analysis of exopolysaccharides in Myxococcus xanthus using confocal laser scanning microscopy / Wei Hu, Renate Lux, and Wenyuan Shi -- Assessment of multidrug efflux assemblies by surface plasmon resonance / Elena B. Tikhonova and Helen I. Zgurskaya -- Fluorescence microscopy and proteomics to investigate subcellular localization, assembly, and function of the type II secretion system / Tanya L. Johnson [and others] -- Pore formation by T3SS translocators : liposome leakage assay / Eric Faudry, Caroline Perdu, and Ina Attree -- Isolation of bacterial type IV machine subassemblies / Mayukh K. Sarkar [and others] -- Production and crystallization of bacterial type V secretion proteins / Hye-Jeong Yeo -- Assembly of bacterial outer membrane proteins / Jan Grijpstra, Martine P. Bos, and Jan Tommassen -- Outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria : lipid A isolation and characterization / Jessica V. Hankins [and others] -- Quantitative and qualitative preparations of bacterial outer membrane vesicles / Halima Chutkan [and others] -- In vitro peptidoglycan synthesis assay with lipid II substrate / Jacob Biboy, Nhat Khai Bui, and Waldemar Vollmer -- Extraction of cell wall-bound teichoic acids and surface proteins from Listeria monocytogenes / Filipe Carvalho [and others] -- Subfractionation and analysis of the cell envelope (lipo) polysaccharides of Mycobacterium tuberculosis / Anna E. Grzegorzewicz and Mary Jackson -- Protein disulfide bond formation in the periplasm : determination / Katleen Denoncin [and others] -- Using reporter genes and the Escherichia coli ASKA overexpression library in screens for regulators of the gram negative envelope stress response / Julia L. Wong, Stefanie L. Vogt, and Tracy L. Raivio -- Isolation of bacteria envelope proteins / Shu Quan [and others] -- Patch clamp electrophysiology for the study of bacterial ion channels in giant spheroplasts of E. coli / Boris Martinac [and others] -- Electrophysiological characterization of bacterial pore-forming proteins in planar lipid bilayers / Owen S. Mapingire, Beau Wager, and Anne H. Delcour.
    Digital Access  Springer 2013