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    edited by Paul C. Barrow.
    ICH S5(R2) guideline for the testing of medicinal agents / L. David Wise
    Nonclinical reproductive toxicity testing requirements for drugs, pesticides, and industrial chemicals in India and China / K.S. Rao and Jing Dong
    Developmental toxicity testing of biologics / Keith P. Hazelden
    OECD guidelines for the testing of chemicals and pesticides / Jochen Buschmann
    Teratology testing under REACH / Steve Barton
    Teratology testing of food additives / Paul C. Barrow and Francois Spezia
    Developmental toxicity testing of vaccines / Paul C. Barrow and Linda Allais
    Teratology testing of cosmetics / Francois Spézia and Paul C. Barrow
    Teratology studies in the rat / Mariline Leroy and Linda Allais
    Teratology studies in the mouse / Edward Marsden and Mariline Leroy
    Combined fertility and embryotoxicity study / Lucie Reynaud and Edward Marsden
    Teratology studies in the rabbit / Linda Allais and Lucie Reynaud
    Teratology studies in the minipig / Peter A. McAnulty
    Embryo fetal development studies in nonhuman primates / Antje Fuchs, Eberhard Buse, and Gerhard F. Weinbauer
    Enhanced pre- and postnatal development study for monoclonal antibodies / Gerhard F. Weinbauer, Joerg Luft, and Antje Fuchs
    Skeletal examination by alizarin staining / Lucie Reynaud and Audrey Jocteur-Monrozier
    Skeletal examination by double staining for ossified bone and cartilaginous tissue / Steffen Schneider
    Small animal imaging and examination by micro-CT / Sergio X. Vasquez, Neha Shah, and Alan M. Hoberman
    Fetal soft tissue examination by serial sectioning / Karon Critchell
    Fetal soft tissue examinations by microdissection / Mariline Leroy and Audrey Jocteur-Monrozier
    Soft tissue examination of the fetal rat and rabbit head by magnetic resonance imaging / Julian M. French and Neil Woodhouse
    Historical control data in reproductive and developmental toxicity studies / Eve Mylchreest and Stephen B. Harris
    Reporting of teratology studies / Paul C. Barrow and Lucie Reynaud
    Maternal toxicity / Bengt R. Danielsson
    Innovations in testing strategies in reproductive toxicology / Aldert H. Piersma
    Predictive models and computational toxicology / Thomas Knudsen, Matthew Martin, Kelly Chandler, Nicole Kleinstreuer, Richard Judson, and Nisha Sipes
    Embryonic stem cell test / Sjors H.W. Schulpen and Aldert H. Piersma
    Zebrafish teratogenicity testing / Kimberly C. Brannen, Jeffrey H. Charlap, and Elise M. Lewis
    Frog embryo teratogenesis assay on Xenopus and predictivity compared with in vivo mammalian studies / Isabelle Leconte and Isabelle Mouche
    Rat whole embryo culture assay using the dysmorphology score system / Cindy Zhang, Julie Panzica-Kelly, and Karen Augustine-Rauch
    Toxicogenomic approaches in developmental toxicology testing / Joshua F. Robinson and Aldert H. Piersma
    Validation of alternative tests for developmental and reproductive toxicology testing : an ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute perspective / James H. Kim
    Regulatory assessment of reproductive toxicology data / Elizabeth Davidson
    Hazard and risk assessment of teratogenic chemicals under REACH / Wiebke Prutner
    Reproductive toxicity risk assessment for pesticides / Beate Ulbrich
    Thalidomide disaster, lessons from the past / James E. Ridings.
    Digital Access Springer 2013