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    edited by Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Charles DeLisi, Minoru Kanehisa.
    Dense module enumeration in biological networks / Koji Tsuda and Elisabeth Georgii
    Discovering interacting domains and motifs in protein-protein interactions / Willy Hugo, Wing-Kin Sung, and See-Kiong Ng
    Global alignment of protein-protein interaction networks / Misael Mongiovì and Roded Sharan
    Structure learning for Bayesian networks as models of biological networks / Antti Larjo, Ilya Shmulevich, and Harri Lähdesmäki
    Supervised inference of gene regulatory networks from positive and unlabeled examples / Fantine Mordelet and Jean-Philippe Vert
    Mining regulatory network connections by ranking transcription factor target genes using time series expression data / Antti Honkela, Magnus Rattray, and Neil D. Lawrence
    Identifying pathways of coordinated gene expression / Timothy Hancock, Ichigaku Takigawa, and Hiroshi Mamitsuka
    Mining frequent subtrees in glycan data using the rings glycan miner tool / Kiyoko Flora Aoki-Kinoshita
    Chemogenomic approaches to infer drug-target interaction networks / Yoshihiro Yamanishi
    Localization prediction and structure-based in silico analysis of bacterial proteins : with emphasis on outer membrane proteins / Kenichiro Imai, Sikander Hayat, Noriyuki Sakiyama, Naoya Fujita, Kentaro Tomii, Arne Elofsson, and Paul Horton
    Analysis strategy of protein-protein interaction networks / Zhenjun Hu
    Data mining in the MetaCyc family of pathway databases / Peter D. Karp, Suzanne Paley, and Tomer Altman
    Gene set/pathway enrichment analysis / Jui-Hung Hung
    Construction of functional linkage gene networks by data integration / Bolan Linghu, Eric A. Franzosa, and Yu Xia
    Genome-wide association studies / Tun-Hsiang Yang, Mark Kon, and Charles DeLisi
    Viral genome analysis and knowledge management / Carla Kuiken, Hyejin Yoon, Werner Abfalterer, Brian Gaschen, Chienchi Lo, and Bette Korber
    Molecular network analysis of diseases and drugs in KEGG / Minoru Kanehisa.
    Digital Access Springer 2012