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    edited by Yi Zheng.
    On setting up and assessing docking simulations for virtual screening / Jacek Biesiada, Aleksey Porollo, and Jaroslaw Meller -- Virtual ligand screening combined with NMR to identify Dvl PDZ domain inhibitors targeting the Wnt signaling / Jufang Shan and Jie J. Zheng -- Rational design of Rho GTPase-targeting inhibitors / Xun Shang and Yi Zheng -- Rational design of peptide ligands against a glycolipid by NMR studies / Wenyong Tong [and others] -- Combinatorial strategy for the acquisition of potent and specific protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors / Sheng Zhang [and others] -- Identification of allosteric inhibitors of p21-activated kinase / Julien Viaud and Jeffrey R. Peterson -- Using a modified yeast two-hybrid system to screen for chemical GEF inhibitors / Anne Blangy and Philippe Fort -- Random mutagenesis of peptide aptamers as an optimization strategy for inhibitor screening / Nathalie Bouquier [and others] -- Screening strategy for trapping the inactive conformer of a dimeric enzyme with a small molecule inhibitor / Charles S. Craik and Tina Shahian -- Use of a fluorescent ATP analog to probe the allosteric conformational change in the active site of the protein kinase PDK1 / Valerie Hindie, Laura A. Lopez-Garcia, and Ricardo M. Biondi -- Affinity purification of protein kinases that adopt a specific inactive conformation / Pratistha Ranjitkar and Dustin J. Maly -- Determination of the kinetics and thermodynamics of ligand binding to a specific inactive conformation in protein kinases / Sanjay B. Hari, Pratistha Ranjitkar, and Dustin J. Maly -- Purification and specific assays for measuring APE-1 endonuclease activity / Adrian Esqueda [and others] -- In vitro screening to identify drug-resistant mutations for target-directed chemotherapeutic agents / Mohammad Azam -- Utilizing antagomiR (antisense microRNA) to knock down microRNA in murine bone marrow cells / Chinavenmeni S. Velu and H. Leighton Grimes -- Synthesis, conjugation, and labeling of multifunctional pRNA nanoparticles for specific delivery of siRNA, drugs, and other therapeutics to target cells / Peixuan Guo [and others] -- Mouse models for tumor metastasis / Shengyu Yang, J. Jillian Zhang, and Xin-Yun Huang.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012