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    edited by Joshua Reineke.
    Historical overview of nanotechnology and nanotoxicology -- Characterization of nanomaterials for toxicological studies -- Methods for understanding the interaction between nanoparticles and cells -- Single-cell gel electrophoresis (comet) assay in nano-genotoxicology -- Single-cell nanotoxicity assays of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles -- Western blot analysis -- Application of reverse transcription-PCR and real-time PCR in nanotoxicity research -- Deriving TC(50) values of nanoparticles from electrochemical monitoring of lactate dehydrogenase activity indirectly -- Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of IL-8 production in response to silver nanoparticles -- Metabolomics techniques in nanotoxicology studies -- Nanoparticle uptake measured by flow cytometry -- Determining biological activity of nanoparticles as measured by flow cytometry -- Whole cell impedance biosensoring devices -- Free energy calculation of permeant-membrane interactions using molecular dynamics simulations -- Screening of fullerene toxicity by hemolysis assay -- Assessment of in vitro skin irritation potential of nanoparticles: RHE model -- In vivo methods of nanotoxicology -- The luminescent bacteria test to determine the acute toxicity of nanoparticle suspensions -- The primacy of physicochemical characterization of nanomaterials for reliable toxicity assessment: A review of the zebrafish nanotoxicology model -- Application of embryonic and adult zebrafish for nanotoxicity assessment -- Applications of subsurface microscopy -- Application of ICP-MS for the study of disposition and toxicity of metal-based nanomaterials -- Quantitative nanoparticle organ disposition by gel permeation chromatography -- Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling for nanoparticle toxicity study -- Biophysical methods for assessing plant responses to nanoparticle exposure -- In vivo nanotoxicity assays in plant models.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012