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    edited by Gary D. Smith, Jason E. Swain, Thomas B. Pool.
    Historical background of gamete and embryo culture / Jacques Cohen and Don Rieger -- Utility of animal models for human embryo culture development : rodents / Gary D. Smith -- Utility of animal models for human embryo culture development : domestic species / Rebecca L. Krisher -- Utility of animal models for human embryo culture : nonhuman primates / Calvin Simerly and Gerald Schatten -- Media composition : salts and osmolality / Jay M. Baltz -- Media composition : energy sources and metabolism / Deirdre Zander-Fox and Michelle Lane -- Media composition : amino acids and cellular homeostasis / Franchesca D. Houghton -- Media composition : macromolecules and embryo growth / Marius Meintjes -- Media composition : antioxidants/chelators and cellular function / Catherine M.H. Combelles and Margo L. Hennet -- Media composition : pH and buffers / Jason E. Swain -- Media composition : growth factors / Aparna Hegde and Barry Behr -- Culture systems : single step / Ronit Machtinger and Catherine Racowsky -- Culture systems : sequential / Patrick Quinn -- Culture systems : embryo co-culture / Yves J.R Menezo [and others] -- Culture systems : low-oxygen culture / Borut Kovacice -- Culture systems : embryo density / Michael L. Reed -- Culture systems : air quality / Theodore Thomas -- Culture systems : mineral oil overlay / Dean E. Morbeck and Phoebe H. Leonard -- Culture systems : physiological and environmental factors that can affect the outcome of human ART / Don Rieger -- Culture systems : fluid dynamic embryo culture systems (microfluidics) / Andre Monteiro da Rocha and Gary D. Smith -- Human embryo culture media comparisons / Thomas B. Pool, John Schoolfield, and David Han -- Culture systems : embryo culture and monozygotic twinning / Amy E. Sparks -- Embryo culture and epigenetics / Brenna A. Market Velker, Michelle M. Denomme, and Mellissa R.W. Mann.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012