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    edited by Richard S. Larson, the University of New Mexio, Albuqerque, NM, USA.
    Digital : Springer2012
    Cell perturbation screens for target identification by RNAi / Kubilay Demir and Michael Boutros -- Using functional genomics to identify drug targets : a Dupuytren's disease example / Mirela Sedic, Sandra Kraljevic Pavelic, and Karlo Hock -- Functional characterization of human genes from exon expression and RNA interference results / Dorothea Emig [and others] -- Barcode sequencing for understanding drug-gene interactions / Andrew M. Smith [and others] -- High-throughput sequencing of the methylome using two-base encoding / Christina A. Bormann Chung -- Applications and limitations of in silico models in drug discovery / Ahmet Sacan, Sean Ekins, and Sandhya Kortagere -- Compound Collection Preparation for Virtual screening / Cristian G. Bologa and Tudor I. Oprea -- Mapping between databases of compounds and protein targets / Sorel Muresan, Markus Sitzmann, and Christopher Southan -- Predictive cheminformatics in drug discovery : statistical modeling for analysis of micro-array and gene expression data / N. Sukumar, Michael P. Krein, and Mark J. Embrechts -- Advances in nuclear magnetic resonance for drug discovery / Laurel O. Sillerud and Richard S. Larson -- Human ABC transporter ABCG2 in cancer chemotherapy : drug molecular design to circumvent multidrug resistance / Toshihisa Ishikawa [and others] -- Protein interactions : mapping interactome networks to support drug target discovery and selection / Javier De Las Rivas and Carlos Prieto -- Linking variants from genome-wide association analysis to function via transcriptional network analysis / Benjamin J. Keller, Sebastian Martini, and Viji Nair -- Models of excitation-contraction coupling in cardiac ventricular myocytes / M. Saleet Jafri -- Integration of multiple ubiquitin signals in proteasome regulation / Marta Isasa, Alice Zuin, and Bernat Crosas.