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    edited by Kenneth C. Keiler.
    Bioinformatic discovery of bacterial regulatory RNAs using SIPHT / Jonathan Livny -- How to identify CRISPRs in sequencing data / Christine Drevet and Christine Pourcel -- Strategy for identifying noncoding RNAs using whole-genome tiling arrays / Stephen G. Landt and Eduardo Abeliuk -- Genetic screens to identify bacterial sRNA regulators / Pierre Mandin -- Competition assays using barcoded deletion strains to gain insight into small RNA function / Errett C. Hobbs and Gisela Storz -- Use of semi-quantitative northern blot analysis to determine relative quantities of bacterial CRISPR transcripts / Ksenia Pougach and Konstantin Severinov -- RNA visualization in bacteria by fluorescence in situ hybridization / Jay H. Russell and Kenneth C. Keiler -- RNA structure prediction : an overview of methods / Matthew G. Seetin and David H. Mathews -- Crystallization of RNA-protein complexes : from synthesis and purification of individual components to crystals / Anna Perederina and Andrey S. Krasilnikov -- Analysis of RNA folding and ligand binding by conventional and high-throughput calorimetry / Joshua E. Sokoloski and Philip C. Bevilacqua -- Use of aptamer tagging to identify in vivo protein binding partners of small regulatory RNAs / Colin P. Corcoran, Renate Rieder, Dimitri Podkaminski, Benjamin Hofmann, and Jörg Vogel -- Gel mobility shift assays to detect protein-RNA interactions / Alexander V. Yakhnin, Helen Yakhnin, and Paul Babitzke -- RNase footprinting of protein binding sites on an mRNA target of small RNAs / Yi Peng, Toby J. Soper, and Sarah A. Woodson -- Computational identification of sRNA targets / Brian Tjaden -- Detection of sRNA-mRNA interactions by electrophoretic mobility shift assay / Teppei Morita, Kimika Maki, and Hiroji Aiba -- Activity of small RNAs on the stability of targeted mRNAs in vivo / Guillaume Desnoyers and Eric Massé -- Native gel electrophoresis to study the binding and release of RNA polymerase by 6S RNA / Karen M. Wassarman -- Ribosome purification approaches for studying interactions of regulatory proteins and RNAs with the ribosome / Preeti Mehta, Perry Woo, Krirhika Venkataraman, and A. Wali Karzai -- Analysis of aminoacyl- and peptidyl-tRNAs by gel electrophoresis / Brian D. Janssen, Elie J. Diner, and Christopher S. Hayes -- In vitro trans-translation assays / Daisuke Kurita, Akira Muto, and Hyouta Himeno.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012