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    edited by Katrin Marcus.
    Important issues in planning a proteomics experiment : statistical considerations of quantitative proteomic data / Katharina Podwojski, Christian Stephan, and Martin Eisenacher -- Whereabouts of 2D gels in quantitative proteomics / Thierry Rabilloud -- Proteome analysis with classical 2D-PAGE / Caroline May [and others] -- Fast and sensitive coomassie staining in quantitative proteomics / Nadine Dyballa and Sabine Metzger -- Silver staining of 2D dlectrophoresis gels / Thierry Rabilloud -- Differential proteome analysis using 2D-DIGE / Caroline May [and others] -- Quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics : an overview / Miroslav Nikolov, Carla Schmidt, and Henning Urlaub -- Robust workflow for iTRAQ-based peptide and protein quantification / Florian Beck [and others] -- Relative protein quantification by MS/MS using the tandem mass tag technology / Loic Dayon and Jean-Charles Sanchez -- Rapid approach for isobaric peptide termini labeling / Christian J. Koehler [and others] -- Isotope-coded protein label / Josef Kellermann and Friedrich Lottspeich -- Hydroponic isotope labeling of entire plants and high-performance mass spectrometry for quantitative plant proteomics / Laurence V. Bindschedler, Davinia J.S. Mills, and Rainer Cramer -- In vivo quantitative proteome profiling : planning and evaluation of SILAC experiments / Marieluise Kirchner and Matthias Selbach -- SILAC for the study of mammalian cell lines and yeast protein complexes / Heike Piechura, Silke Oeljeklaus, and Bettina Warscheid -- Post-digestion ¹⁸O exchange/labeling for quantitative shotgun proteomics of membrane proteins / Xiaoying Ye [and others] -- Application of label-free proteomics for differential analysis of lung carcinoma cell line A549 / Barbara Sitek [and others] -- Absolute quantification of proteins using standard peptides and multiple reaction monitoring / Carla Schmidt and Henning Urlaub -- Absolute multiplexed protein quantification using QconCAT technology / Philip J. Brownridge [and others] -- Practical guide to the FLEXIQuant method / Sasha Singh [and others] -- Label-free protein quantitation using weighted spectral counting / Christine Vogel and Edward M. Marcotte -- Discovering the phosphoproteome of the hydrophobic cytochrome c oxidase membrane protein complex / Stefan Helling [and others] -- KiC assay : a quantitative mass spectrometry-based approach / Yadong Huang and Jay J. Thelen -- Robust and high-throughput sample preparation for (semi- )quantitative analysis of N-glycosylation profiles from plasma samples / L. Renee Ruhaak [and others] -- quantitative redox proteomics : the NOxICAT method / Claudia Lindemann and Lars I. Leichert -- Quantitative analysis of S-nitrosylated proteins / Federico Torta and Angela Bachi -- Analysis of ubiquitinated proteome by quantitative mass spectrometry / Chan Hyun Na and Junmin Peng -- Identification of endogenous SUMO1 accepter sites by mass spectrometry / He-Hsuan Hsiao, Erik Meulmeester, and Henning Urlaub -- Search and decoy : the automatic identification of mass spectra / Martin Eisenacher [and others] -- Software tools for MS-based quantitative proteomics : a brief overview / Simone Lemeer [and others] -- iTRAQ data interpretation / Marc Vaudel [and others] -- MSQuant : a platform for stable isotope-based quantitative proteomics / Joost W. Gouw and Jeroen Krijgsveld.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012