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    edited by Craig Harris, Jason M. Hansen.
    In vivo models of developmental toxicology / Jason M. Hansen -- Caenorhabditis elegans as a model in developmental toxicology / Windy A. Boyd, Marjolein V. Smith, and Jonathan H. Freedman -- Zebrafish embryo developmental toxicology assay / Julieta M. Panzica-Kelly, Cindy X. Zhang, and Karen Augustine-Rauch -- Gene knockdown by morpholino-modified oligonucleotides in the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) model : applications for developmental toxicology / Alicia R. Timme-Laragy, Sibel I. Karchner, and Mark E. Hahn -- Amphibian model for studies of developmental reproductive toxicity / Cecilia Berg -- Avian models in teratology and developmental toxicology / Susan M. Smith, George R. Flentke, and Ana Garic -- Overview of in vitro models in developmental toxicology / Craig Harris -- Primary cell and micromass culture in assessing developmental toxicity / M. Pratten -- Embryonic stem cell test : stem cell use in predicting developmental cardiotoxicity and osteotoxicity / Beatrice Kuske, Polina Y. Pulyanina, and Nicole I. zur Nieden -- Mouse embryonic stem cell adherent cell differentiation and cytotoxicity assay / Marianne Barrier [and others] -- Murine limb bud in culture as an in vitro teratogenicity test System / France-Helene Paradis, Chunwei Huang, and Barbara F. Hales -- Rodent whole embryo culture / Craig Harris -- Rabbit whole embryo culture / Valerie A. Marshall and Edward W. Carney -- Assessment of xenobiotic biotransformation including reactive oxygen species generation in the embryo using benzene as an example / Helen J. Renaud, Allison Rutter, and Louise M. Winn -- Methodological approaches to cytochrome P450 profiling in embryos / Jared V. Goldstone and John J. Stegeman -- Analysis of Nrf2-mediated transcriptional induction of antioxidant response in early embryos / Shao-yu Chen -- Regulation and control of AP-1 binding activity in embryotoxicity / Terence R.S. Ozolins -- Thioredoxin redox status assessment during embryonic development : the redox western / Jason M. Hansen -- Methods for the determination of plasma or tissue glutathione levels / Trent E. Tipple and Lynette K. Rogers -- Oxidative stress, thiols, and redox profiles / Craig Harris and Jason M. Hansen -- Review of toxicogenomic approaches in developmental toxicology / Joshua F. Robinson, Jeroen L.A. Pennings, and Aldert H. Piersma -- Epigenetic approaches and methods in developmental toxicology: role of HDAC inhibition in teratogenic events / Elena Menegola, Graziella Cappelletti, and Francesca Di Renzo -- DNA methylation screening and analysis / Karilyn E. Sant, Muna S. Nahar, and Dana C. Dolinoy -- Assessment of histiotrophic nutrition using fluorescent probes / Jeffrey Ambroso and Craig Harris -- Diabetic embryopathy / Ulf J. Eriksson and Parri Wentzel -- Gene expression analysis in developing embryos : in situ hybridization / Siew-Ging Gong -- Assessment of gross fetal malformations : the modernized wilson technique and skeletal staining / Robert E. Seegmiller [and others].
    Digital Access  Springer 2012