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    edited by Maria E. Gracheva.
    Detecting and characterizing individual molecules with single nanopores -- Protein sensing with engineered protein nanopores -- Measurements of DNA immobilized in the alpha-hemolysin nanopore -- DNA unzipping and protein unfolding using nanopores -- DNA characterization with ion beam-sculpted silicon nitride nanopores -- DNA sequencing by nanopore-induced photon emission -- Optical tweezers for mechanical control over DNA in a nanopore -- Analyzing single DNA molecules by nanopore translocation -- DNA characterization by transverse electrical current in a nanochannel -- Optimization of the molecular dynamics method for simulations of DNA and ion transport through biological nanopores -- Polymer translocation through an electrically tunable nanopore in a multilayered semiconductor membrane -- Graphene nanopore devices for DNA sensing -- Measuring single-wall carbon nanotubes with solid-state nanopores -- Passive and electrically actuated solid-state nanopores for sensing and manipulating DNA.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012