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    edited by Ramona G. Dumitrescu, Mukesh Verma.
    Epigenetic markers of early tumor development / Ramona G. Dumitrescu -- Epigenetics of solid cancer stem cells / Alok Mishra and Mukesh Verma -- DNA methylation and histone modifications in breast cancer / Ramona G. Dumitrescu -- DNA methylation changes in prostate cancer / Wolfgang Goering, Michael Kloth, and Wolfgang A. Schulz -- DNA methylation in promoter region as biomarkers in prostate cancer / Mihi Yang and Jong Y. Park -- Epigenetics of bladder cancer / Wun-Jae Kim and Yong-June Kim -- Epigenetics in myeloid malignancies / Stefan Deneberg -- The epigenetics of brain tumors / Adrian M. Dubuc [and others] -- DNA methylation changes in cervical cancers / Qiang Lu, Dehua Ma, and Shuping Zhao -- Epigenetics of colon cancer / Sharad Khare and Mukesh Verma -- Promoter methylation in head and neck tumorigenesis / Jesena K. Stephen [and others] -- Epigenome and DNA methylation in oral squamous cell carcinoma / Mario Pérez-Sayáns García and Abel García-García -- Clinical implications of epigenetic alterations in human thoracic malignancies : epigenetic alterations in lung cancer / Keiko Shinjo and Yutaka Kondo -- The role of microRNAs in the management of liver cancer / Krishna K. Banaudha and Mukesh Verma -- Epigenetics in ovarian cancer / L.M.S. Seeber and P.J. van Diest -- DNA methylation in pancreatic cancer : protocols for the isolation of DNA and bisulfite modification / Katja Biewusch [and others] -- Detection and analysis of DNA methylation by pyrosequencing / Hilary A.A. Colyer [and others] -- Screening for miRNA expression changes using quantitative PCR (Q-PCR) / Richard N. Armstrong, Hilary A.A. Colyer, and Ken I. Mills -- Genome-wide methylation analysis / Alexander Unterberger, Adrian M. Dubuc, and Michael D. Taylor -- Microarray for epigenetic changes : gene expression arrays / Hilary A.A. Colyer, Richard N. Armstrong, and Ken I. Mills -- Detecting DNA methylation using the methylated CpG island amplification and microarray technique / Hilary A.A. Colyer, Margaret Dellett, and Ken I. Mills -- Nutrigenomics : implications for breast and colon cancer prevention / Gabriela Riscuta and Ramona G. Dumitrescu -- Dietary and lifestyle factors of DNA methylation / Unhee Lim and Min-Ae Song -- Diet, epigenetics, and cancer / L. Joseph Su -- Role of epigenetics in cancer health disparities / Sulma I. Mohammed, Sanya Springfield, and Rina Das -- Multifactorial etiology of gastric cancer / Jovanny Zabaleta -- Epigenetic epidemiology for cancer risk : harnessing germline epigenetic variation / Kevin Brennan and James M. Flanagan -- Epigenetic biomarkers in cancer epidemiology / Mukesh Verma.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012