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    [edited by] Karl Skorecki, Glenn M. Chertow, Philip A. Marsden, Maarten W. Taal, Alan S.L. Yu ; special assistant to the editors, Walter G. Wasser.
    Embryology of the kidney -- Anatomy of the kidney -- The renal circulations and glomerular ultrafiltration -- The podocyte -- Metabolic basis of solute transport -- Transport of sodium, chloride, and potassium -- The regulation of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate excretion by the kidney -- Renal handling of organic solutes -- Renal acidification mechanisms -- Urine concentration and dilution -- The cell biology of vasopressin action -- Aldosterone and mineralocorticoid receptors : renal and extrarenal roles -- Vasoactive molecules and the kidney -- Arachidonic acid metabolites and the kidney -- Disorders of sodium balance -- Disorders of water balance -- Disorders of acid-base balance -- Disorders of potassium balance -- Disorders of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate balance -- Epidemiology of kidney disease -- Demographics of kidney disease -- Risk factors and chronic kidney disease -- Nephron endowment and developmental programming of blood pressure and renal function -- Aging and kidney disease -- Approach to the patient with kidney disease -- Laboratory assessment of kidney disease : glomerular filtration rate, urinalysis, and proteinuria -- Interpretation of electrolyte and acid-base parameters in blood and urine -- Diagnostic kidney imaging -- The kidney biopsy -- Biomarkers in acute and chronic kidney diseases -- Acute kidney injury -- Primary glomerular disease -- Secondary glomerular disease -- Overview of therapy for glomerular disease -- Microvascular and macrovascular diseases of the kidney -- Tubulointerstitial diseases -- Urinary tract infection in adults -- Urinary tract obstruction -- Diabetic nephropathy -- Urolithiasis -- Kidney cancer -- Onco-nephrology : kidney disease in patients with cancer -- Genetic basis of kidney disease -- Inherited disorders of the glomerulus -- Inherited disorders of the renal tubule -- Cystic diseases of the kidney -- Primary and secondary hypertension -- Renovascular hypertension and ischemic nephropathy -- Hypertension and kidney disease in pregnancy -- Antihypertensive therapy -- Diuretics -- Adaptation to nephron loss and mechanisms of progression in chronic kidney disease -- Mechanisms and consequences of proteinuria -- The pathophysiology of uremia -- Chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder -- Cardiovascular aspects of kidney disease -- Hematologic aspects of kidney disease -- Endocrine aspects of chronic kidney disease -- Neurologic aspects of kidney disease -- Dermatologic conditions in kidney disease -- Dietary approaches to kidney diseases -- A stepped care approach to the management of chronic kidney disease -- Therapeutic approach to chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder -- Drug dosing considerations in patients with acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease -- Hemodialysis -- Peritoneal dialysis -- Critical care nephrology -- Plasmapheresis -- Elimination enhancement of poisons -- Interventional nephrology -- Transplantation immunobiology -- Clinical management of the adult kidney transplant recipient -- Malformation of the kidney : structural and functional consequences -- Diseases of the kidney and urinary tract in children -- Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base disorders in children -- Renal replacement therapy (dialysis and transplantation) in pediatric end-stage kidney disease -- Latin America -- Africa -- Near and Middle East -- Indian subcontinent -- The Far East -- Oceania region -- Ethical dilemmas facing nephrology : past, present, and future -- Health disparities in nephrology -- Care of the older adult with chronic kidney disease -- Tissue engineering, stem cells, and cell therapy in nephrology -- Quality improvement initiatives in kidney disease.
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