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    edited by Melba Navarro, Josep A. Planell.
    Is nanotechnology the key to unravel and engineer biological processes? -- Synthesis of genetically engineered protein polymers (recombinamers) as an example of advanced self-assembled smart materials -- Design of biomolecules for nanoengineered biomaterials for regenerative medicine -- Stimuli responsive polymers for nanoengineering of biointerfaces -- Micro/nanopatterning of proteins using a nanoimprint-based contact printing technique -- Functionalization of surfaces with synthetic oligonucleotides -- Fabrication of PEG hydrogel microwell arrays for high-throughput single stem cell culture and analysis -- Preparation of polyelectrolyte nanocomplexes containing recombinant human hepatocyte growth factor as potential oral carriers for liver regeneration -- Electrospinning technology in tissue regeneration -- Protein adsorption characterization -- Measuring wettability of biosurfaces at the microscale -- AFM to study bio/nonbio interactions -- Evaluation of cytocompatibility and cell response to boron nitride nanotubes -- Nanobiosensors for in vitro and in vivo analysis of biomolecules -- Novel strategies to engineering biological tissue in vitro -- Enabling biomedical research with designer quantum dots -- The role of nanophotonics in regenerative medicine -- Molecular dynamics methods for modeling complex interactions in biomaterials -- Regenerative nanomedicine: ethical, legal, and social issues.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012