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    edited by Jacques van Helden and Ariane Toussaint, Denis Thieffry.
    Bacterial molecular networks : bridging the gap between functional genomics and dynamical modelling / Jacques van Helden, Ariane Toussaint, and Denis Thieffry -- Bacterial interactomes : from interactions to networks / Emmanuelle Bouveret and Christine Brun -- From bacterial to microbial ecosystems (metagenomics) / Shannon J. Williamson and Shibu Yooseph -- Prokaryote genome fluidity : toward a system approach of the mobilome / Ariane Toussaint and Mick Chandler -- Reticulate classification of mosaic microbial genomes using NeAT website / Gipsi Lima-Mendez -- From metabolic reactions to networks and pathways / Masanori Arita -- Predicting metabolic pathways by sub-network extraction / Karoline Faust and Jacques van Helden -- Directed module detection in a large-scale expression compendium / Qiang Fu [and others] -- Using phylogenetic profiles to predict functional relationships / Matteo Pellegrini -- Extracting regulatory networks of Escherichia coli from RegulonDB / Heladia Salgado [and others] -- Browsing metabolic and regulatory networks with BioCyc / Mario Latendresse, Suzanne Paley, and Peter D. Karp -- Algorithms for systematic identification of small subgraphs / Joseph Geraci, Geoffrey Liu, and Igor Jurisica -- The degree distribution of ntworks : statistical model selection / William P. Kelly, Piers J. Ingram, and Michael P.H. Stumpf -- MAVisto : a tool for biological network motif analysis / Henning Schwöbbermeyer and Röbbe Wünschiers -- Using MCL to extract clusters from networks / Stijn van Dongen and Cei Abreu-Goodger -- Protein complex prediction with RNSC / Andrew D. King, Nataša Pržulj, and Igor Jurisica -- Network analysis and protein function prediction with the PRODISTIN web site / Anaïs Baudot, Ouissem Souiai, and Christine Brun -- Using NeAT Toolbox to compare networks to networks, clusters to clusters, and network to clusters / Sylvain Brohée -- Analyzing biological data using R : methods for graphs and networks / Nolwenn Le Meur and Robert Gentleman -- Detecting structural invariants in biological reaction networks / Jörn Behre [and others] -- Petri nets in Snoopy : a unifying framework for the graphical display, computational modelling, and simulation of bacterial regulatory networks / Wolfgang Marwan, Christian Rohr, and Monika Heiner -- Genetic Network Analyzer : a tool for the qualitative modeling and simulation of bacterial regulatory networks / Grégory Batt [and others] -- Logical modelling of gene regulatory networks with GINsim / Claudine Chaouiya, Aurélien Naldi, and Denis Thieffry -- Modelling the evolution of mutualistic symbioses / Maren L. Friesen and Emily I. Jones -- Modelling the onset of virulence in pthogenic bacteria / Wilfred D. Kepseu [and others] -- Spatial and stochastic cellular modeling with the Smoldyn Simulator / Steven S. Andrews.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012