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    edited by Gerard Cagney, Andrew Emili.
    1. Analysis of protein-protein interactions using high-throughput yeast two-hybrid screens / Seesandra V. Rajagopala and Peter Uetz -- 2. Identification of mammalian protein complexes by lentiviral-based affinity purification and mass spectrometry / Zuyao Ni, Jonathan B. Olsen, Andrew Emili, and Jack F. Greenblatt -- 3. Protein networks involved in vesicle fusion, transport, and storage revealed by array-based proteomics / Mikael Bauer, Magdalena Maj, Ludwig Wagner, Dolores J. Cahill, Sara Linse, and David J. O'Connell -- 4. Identification and relative quantification of native and proteolytically generated protein C-termini from complex proteomes : C-terminome analysis / Oliver Schilling, Pitter F. Huesgen, Olivier Barré and Christopher M. Overall -- 5. Construction of protein interaction networks based on the label-free quantitative proteomics / Mihaela E. Sardiu and Michael P. Washburn -- 6. Studying binding specificities of peptide recognition modules by high-throughput phage display selections / Haiming Huang and Sachdev S. Sidhu -- 7. Array-based synthetic genetic screens to map bacterial pathways and functional networks in Escherichia coli / Mohan Babu, Alla Gagarinova, and Andrew Emili -- 8. Advanced methods for high-throughput microscopy screening of genetically modified yeast libraries / Yifat Cohen and Maya Schuldiner -- 9. Pooled lentiviral shRNA screening for functional genomics in mammalian cells / Kim Blakely, Troy Ketela, and Jason Moffat -- 10. Plant DNA sequencing for phylogenetic analyses : from plants to sequences / Susana S. Neves and Laura L. Forrest -- 11. Using coevolution to predict protein-protein interactions / Gregory W. Clark, Vaqaar-un-Nisa Dar, Alexandr Bezginov, Jinghao M. Yang, Robert L. Charlebois, and Elisabeth R.M. Tillier -- 12. Visualizing gene-set enrichment results using the cytoscape plug-in enrichment map / Daniele Merico, Ruth Isserlin, and Gary D. Bader -- 13. Quality control methodology for high-throughput protein-protein interaction screening / Alexei Vazquez, Jean-François Rual, and Kavitha Venkatesan -- 14. Filtering and interpreting large-scale experimental protein-protein interaction data / Gabriel Musso, Andrew Emili, and Zhaolei Zhang -- 15. Classification of cancer patients using pathway analysis and network clustering / David C.Y. Fung, Amy Lo, Lucy Jankova, Stephan J. Clarke, Mark Molloy, Graham R. Robertson, and Marc R. Wilkins -- 16. Statistical analysis of dynamic transcriptional regulatory network structure / Jennifer J. Smith, Ramsey A. Saleem, and John D. Aitchison -- 17. Imputing and predicting quantitative genetic interactions in epistatic MAPs / Colm Ryan, Gerard Cagney, Nevan Krogan, Pádraig Cunningham, and Derek Greene -- 18. Displaying chemical information on a biological network using cytoscape / Iain M. Wallace, Gary D. Bader, Guri Giaever, and Corey Nislow -- 19. Modeling of proteins and their assemblies with the integrative modeling platform / Benjamin Webb, Karen Lasker, Dina Schneidman-Duhovny, Elina Tjioe, Jeremy Phillips, Seung Joong Kim, Javier Velázquez-Muriel, Daniel Russel, and Andrej Sali -- 20. Predicting node characteristics from molecular networks / Sara Mostafavi, Anna Goldenberg, and Quaid Morris -- 21. Mathematical modeling of biomolecular network dynamics / Alexander V. Ratushny, Stephen A. Ramsay, and John D. Aitchison.
    Digital Access  Springer 2011