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    edited by Kris Gevaert, Joël Vandekerckhove.
    Digital : Springer2011
    Mass spectrometry-driven proteomics : an introduction / Kenny Helsens [and others] -- Metabolic labeling of model organisms using heavy nitrogen (15N) / Joost W. Gouw, Bastiaan B.J. Tops, and Jeroen Krijgsveld -- Trypsin-catalyzed oxygen-18 labeling for quantitative proteomics / Wei-Jun Qian [and others] -- ICPL labeling strategies for proteome research / Friedrich Lottspeich and Josef Kellermann -- Quantitative proteome analysis using isobaric peptide termini labeling (IPTL) / Magnus Ø. Arntzen [and others] -- Complete chemical modification of amine and acid functional groups of peptides and small proteins / Casey J. Krusemark [and others] -- Production and use of stable isotope-labeled proteins for absolute quantitative proteomics / Dorothée Lebert [and others] -- Organelle proteomics / Sophie Duclos and Michel Desjardins -- Membrane protein digestion -- comparison of LPI HexaLane with traditional techniques / Ping Sui [and others] -- GeLCMS for in-depth protein characterization and advanced analysis of proteomes / Alicia Lundby and Jesper V. Olsen -- Exploring new proteome space : combining Lys-N proteolytic digestion and strong cation exchange (SCX) separation in peptide-centric MS-driven proteomics / Nadia Taouatas, Shabaz Mohammed, and Albert J.R. Heck -- Quantitation of newly synthesized proteins by pulse labeling with azidohomoalanine / Gertjan Kramer [and others] -- Analytical strategies in mass spectrometry-based phosphoproteomics / Heidi Rosenqvist, Juanying Ye, and Ole N. Jensen -- Protocol on the use of titanium dioxide chromatography for phosphoproteomics / Martijn W.H. Pinkse, Simone Lemeer, and Albert J.R. Heck -- Positional proteomics at the N-Terminus as a means of proteome simplification / Gemma R. Davidson, Stuart D. Armstrong, and Robert J. Beynon -- N-Terminomics : a high-content screen for protease substrates and their cleavage sites / John C. Timmer and Guy S. Salvesen -- Protease specificity profiling by tandem mass spectrometry using proteome-derived peptide libraries / Oliver Schilling, Ulrich auf dem Keller, and Christopher M. Overall -- Identification of proteolytic products and natural protein N-Termini by terminal amine isotopic labeling of substrates (TAILS) / Alain Doucet [and others] -- Lectins as tools to select for glycosylated proteins / Els J.M. Van Damme -- Strong cation exchange chromatography for analysis of sialylated glycopeptides / Katharina Lohrig, Albert Sickmann, and Urs Lewandrowski -- Titanium dioxide enrichment of sialic acid-containing glycopeptides / Giuseppe Palmisano, Sara E. Lendal, and Martin R. Larsen -- Chemical De-O-glycosylation of glycoproteins for applications in LC-based proteomics / Franz-Georg Hanisch -- Ubiquitination and degradation of proteins / Yelena Kravtsova-Ivantsiv and Aaron Ciechanover -- Bioinformatics challenges in mass spectrometry-driven proteomics / Lennart Martens -- Case study on the comparison of different software tools for automated quantification of peptides / Niklaas Colaert [and others].