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  • Book
    edited by Peter J. Verveer.
    Digital : Springer2015
    The physical basis of total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy and its cellular applications -- Two-photon excitation microscopy and its applications in neuroscience -- Live spheroid formation recorded with light sheet-based fluorescence microscopy -- Fluorescence microscopy-based RNA interference screening -- Fluorescence resonance energy transfer microscopy (FRET) -- Localizing protein-protein interactions in living cells using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy -- Analysis of biomolecular dynamics by FRAP and computer simulation -- Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy -- Homo-FRET imaging highlights the nanoscale organization of cell surface molecules -- Practical structured illumination microscopy -- 4Pi microscopy of the nuclear pore complex -- Application of STED microscopy to cell biology questions -- Three-dimensional photoactivated localization microscopy with genetically expressed probes -- Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (dSTORM) -- Optogenetics: Optical control of a photoactivatable Rac in living cells.