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    edited by Mukesh Verma.
    Cancer epigenetics : an introduction / Rajnee Kanwal, Karishma Gupta, and Sanjay Gupta -- Community resources and technologies developed through the NIH roadmap epigenomics program / John S. Satterlee ... [et al.] -- Epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS) : past, present, and future / James M. Flanagan -- Epigenetic biomarkers in liver cancer / Krishna K. Banaudha and Mukesh Verma -- Cancer type-specific epigenetic changes : gastric cancer / Danielle Queiroz Calcagno, Marília de Arruda Cardoso Smith, and Rommel Rodriguez Burbano -- Beyond the island : epigenetic biomarkers of colorectal and prostate cancer / Andrea J. Savio and Bharati Bapat -- Prostate cancer epigenome / Swathi Chinaranagari ... [et al.] -- CpG island hypermethylation as a biomarker for the early detection of lung cancer / Yujin Kim and Duk-Hwan Kim -- Analysis of DNA methylation in pancreatic cancer : an update / Christian Pilarsky and Robert Grützmann -- Epigenetics of urothelial carcinoma / Wolfgang A. Schulz ... [et al.] -- Epigenetics of prostate cancer / Tawnya C. McKee and James V. Tricoli -- Methylation profile landscape in mesothelioma : possible implications in early detection, disease progression, and therapeutic options / Xinbo Zhang ... [et al.] -- Techniques to access histone modifications and variants in cancer / Monica Tyagi ... [et al] -- Single base resolution analysis of 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine by RRBS and TAB-RRBS / Maria A. Hahn ... [et al.] -- Quantitative DNA methylation analysis for epigenotyping of colorectal cancer / Atsushi Kaneda and Koichi Yagi -- Histone modifications associated with cancer cell migration and invasion / Miki Hieda, Nariaki Matsuura , and Hiroshi Kimura -- Aberrant epigenetic modifications in radiation-resistant head and neck cancers / Hon-Yi Lin, Tim Hui-Ming Huang, and Michael Wing-Yan Chan -- Cancer-associated infectious agents and epigenetic regulation / Vidya Vedham and Mukesh Verma -- Toxicoepigenomics and cancer : implications for screening / Mukesh Verma -- Human papilloma virus (HPV) modulation of the HNSCC epigenome / Josena K. Stephen and Maria J. Worsham -- Epigenetic regulation of HIV, AIDS, and AIDS-related malignancies / Mukesh Verma -- Epigenetics of colorectal cancer / Wenji Yan and Mingzhou Guo -- Epigenetics in breast and prostate cancer / Yanyuan Wu, Marianna Sarkissyan, and Jaydutt V. Vadgama -- Epigenetic inhibitors / Mukesh Verma and Hirendra Nath Banerjee -- Use of epigenetic modulators as a powerful adjuvant for breast cancer therapies / Aurore Claude-Taupin ... [et al.] -- Epigenetic approaches in glioblastoma multiforme and their implication in screening and diagnosis / Gwyneth Hyman ... [et al.] -- Detection of circulatory microRNAs in prostate cancer/ Anvesha Srivastava ... [et al.] -- Identification and characterization of small-molecule inhibitors of lysine acetyltransferases / Daiqing Liao -- Epigenetic regulation in biopsychosocial pathways / Kristin Litzelman and Mukesh Verma -- Viral epigenetics / Barry I. Milavetz and Lata Balakrishnan -- P53 tumor suppression network in cancer epigenetics / Alok Mishra, Daniel J. Brat, and Mukesh Verma -- Promoter hypermethylation as a biomarker in prostate adenocarcinoma / Jong Y. Park -- Sequencing the cancer methylome / Austin Y. Shull ... [et al.] -- Global DNA methylation profiling technologies and the ovarian cancer methylome / Jessica Tang ... [et al.] -- Recent progress in the discovery of epigenetic inhibitors for the treatment of cancer / Sharad K. Verma -- At the crossroad between obesity and gastric cancer / Jone Garai ... [et al.] -- Detection of epigenetic aberrations in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma / Yujing Zhang -- Specific type epigenetic changes in cervical cancers / Shuping Zhao -- Epigenetics in head and neck cancer / Syeda Marriam Bakhtiar, Amjad Ali, and Debmalya Barh -- Epigenetic therapy for colorectal cancer / Vivek Vaish ... [et al.] -- Epigenetics of gastric cancer / Mingzhou Guo and Wenji Yan.
    Digital Access  Springer 2015